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    Geeze, it's probably been more than a year since I've even logged on here. Anywho, just posting to say that this former blue boy has gone green! Got a call this week, and was picked up for RegF Geomatics Technician. BMQ starts June 25th. All in all, the process took probably about 5 months. I was told that there were only 7 GEO TECH spots nation-wide for this year, so I'm definitely counting my blessings. Good luck to all those applying/applied/on-the-fence-about-applying-but-really-need-the-extra-push.
    Congrats Justin!
    CV Vanessa Dickson, MWO (Retired)
    If one person can inspire many, imagine what 7000 can do.

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    Well, I just had my interview for Traffic Technician on Monday. Unfortunately I have decided to put the CF aside for right now and pursue more education.

    It has been a dream of mine to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist, and last week I was accepted into the Medical Laboratory Science Program in Kingston (which is very competitive and hard to get into) so I decided it would be best to pursue my dream and follow my heart. As soon as the trade opens up again with the CF I plan to apply and give it another shot. This will also give me a longer period of time to be seizure free and improve my physical abilities.

    All in all, my dream in the end is to become a Med Lab Tech in the CF!
    CV Vanessa Dickson, MWO (Retired)
    If one person can inspire many, imagine what 7000 can do.

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    As a quick update;

    I decided to drop my program after struggling for the last two months of my program. Many people already had Bachelor Degrees in Science which profs knew, and taught as if it were a university program. Many people didn't make it to second semester.

    I never stopped with the processing of my CF application, I had it transferred to Kingston and then back to Barrie. I had my medical and interview for RMS Clerk back in early February. A couple weeks ago, I received the dreaded no that I guess I should have expected coming.

    I have moved onto my back up plan, which includes more education. Most likely down in Oshawa for the next 5 years studying Business Administration, and carrying on in an articulation agreement to get a Bachelors of Commerce.

    If you have a dream and hopes to join the CF; don't give up hope. All you can do is try and the worst they can say is no!

    Good luck to those in the future applying for the CF!
    CV Vanessa Dickson, MWO (Retired)
    If one person can inspire many, imagine what 7000 can do.

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    Hey, It's been a long time. I'm an Aerospace Engineer in the CF now, poking around the forums to see if I can find anyone I know or offer advice.


    F/Sgt Pte. OCdt Korhonen PTA
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