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    Keeping track of supply inventory?

    I'm in charge of supply at my unit and I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep track of everything. We currently don't have a SuppO due to some changes in staff, so the responsibility falls on the CO. We have 2 shipping containers that we keep all our stuff in (union hall has no storage space). There is no power, but I can keep any spreadsheets or databases on my computer.

    I'm hoping once there's a count and everything is set up with its location known, it'll make managing supply easier and less stressful (and keeping points for things we need, not things we already have).

    Any thoughts or files would be appreciated!

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    Anything that has been issued by DND will be tracked on a Material in Use Status Report (MIUSR) of which the unit will have a copy on file. If this cannot be located, have your CO request a new copy from your RCSU.

    For any other material owned by the unit or support sponsor, any spreadsheet system will work. I would suggest using different tabs for different types of equipment (eg field exercise gear, office supplies, office/training electronic equipment (like projectors, shredders, stereo system, etc), sports gear, and so forth.

    One good thing to do is to estimate a replacement value of all equipment (do not include office supplies / stationery), as this is helpful to the League branch for insurance purposes, and helps your CO and sponsor / Branch with budgeting in future years (eg, if you know that you have 6 tents worth $150 each, and then next year you want to budget to get 3 more, you have some rough numbers easily at hand.)

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