Last year Youth Flight Canada (YFC) awarded $9200 in scholarships to twenty five current and former cadet glider pilots to do civilian soaring at York Soaring Association in Ontario. $10,000 is available in 2017 for licenced glider pilots. To apply, complete the application form on YFC web-site and submit prior to May 1 2017.

These scholarships provide many pilots with the opportunity to complete their first hour long flight, two hour long flight, and even 5 hour long flight to obtain various FAI badges. Soaring mentoring in the twin grob owned by YFC allows recipients to refine their thermalling skills for only the cost of a tow and YFC is working with the Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) to provide free air time in the club's 1-34s for the FAI badge attemps.

York is also looking to hire summer interns to work in their office a few days a week. Interested parties should contact the club treasurer, Ivor David, to apply.