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    Civilian Instructor hair regulations for CFTC in summer?

    I am asking this question for a friend,

    Does a male CI need to have the same short haircut regulations as an officer/cadet?

    My friend is joining as a glider pilot CI and wants to grow a mullet after having short hair in cadets for years. Aside from the obvious 'unprofessionalism' that may be associated with longer hair, does anyone have any knowledge as to if there are rules?

    Please provide a source.


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    Depending on the region, the Code of Conduct or CI agreement may say something along the lines of "The CI shall dress appropriately in accordance with the dress of the day of CAF members." This typically means that when CAF members are in dress uniform, a CI should be wearing business casual wear. I could see some trying to extend this to keeping hair cut short, however I'm not sure how well that really fits. I think, as you mentioned, it comes down more to the fact that they need to look professional as we expect our cadets to look professional.

    Perhaps someone can give you something more concrete to go on, but that's my initial thoughts.
    Capt Derrick McKee
    Commanding Officer
    875 Antigonish Lions RCACS

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    It is expected that a CI, regardless of gender, would attempt to follow CAF guidelines as closely as possible.

    In addition, the following is from the CI Employment Agreement:

    4. The CI agrees to abide by the applicable provisions of QR (Cadets), Natl CJCR Sp Gp Orders, CATOs and other applicable DND/CAF
    regulations, orders, directives and such other instructions as may be given by or under the authority of the Minister from time to time during
    the period of the CI’s employment
    R Molitor
    Lt (N)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AI09McKee View Post
    This typically means that when CAF members are in dress uniform, a CI should be wearing business casual wear.
    You put in an extra "casual".

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    At CFTC(E), this information was in the standing orders.
    Lt C. Woods
    1 West Montreal RCACS

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    Thank you all for the info!


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