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    Unhappy How to make a private fitness test?

    I am an LAC trying to get promoted to Cpl. Basically they told me earlier in the year that b/c I missed a fitness test at the beginning of the year that I can't be promoted until I complete one. Its been this far into the training year and there still hasn't been a fitness test so I contacted the admin about what I could do. He told me to go to my flight (band) commander and ask him to conduct a private fitness test or something? He didn't give exact details and I was told to not contact admin about this sort of thing again so I'm pretty confused on how to do it.
    Any help, experience, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated about this kind of thing.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest doing what he asked of you - go up your chain of command. It might seem frustrating, but finding the correct "path" to information will make everything much smoother.

    I also suggest not getting mad about asking Admin and it not going as planned. Part of your job as a junior cadet is to learn how to get things done and one aspect of that is figuring out who does what. Now you know that admin - while they can tell you why you haven't been promoted - aren't in the position to fix it. That lies with the training department.
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    Alright thanks for the info! I hope I didn't come across as mad. I was just unsure as to his instructions

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    That kinda makes me wonder, what if a large amount of cadets miss a promotion requirement? For example, there is one gliding session in a year and only 5 cadets attend out of the 20 or so who are put on the list.
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