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    Im going to AAC at Trenton this summer, any tips or advice? Ive only ever been to Blackdown and from what Ive heard Trenton is worse...
    I've done AAC in Bagotville so I could only tell you about the course load. It is very interesting information but there are frequent tests (at least two per week)! I made the mistake of not studying very much and I didnt do that well in the course. I suggest you spend some time to make sure you're ready for the tests. Good luck!
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    Anyone ever attended AATC-AM?

    I keep overstressing it in my mind, with it being a national course and all, I'm rather bothered by mucking it up for myself and making a bad image of myself and for any cadets that'll follow me.

    SO I was wondering if anyones got any advice for me. Or tips, or literally anything that can help me out some. Like what to expect. I've gotten some advice from my fellow cadets at my home squadron, But I'd hate to bother the handful who've gone more than I already have. I've been studying from the FTGU, is there any points in there I should specifically focus on for this Course? I've already done the majority of Aero Engines and that First Section.

    Anything helps, From what to expect with the Course load to a heads up on a certain stair in the stair well I'll trip on.

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    Good luck, have fun on main intake tomorrow
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