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    20 cadet pilots to be awarded gift certificate for flight in high performance glider

    In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the air cadet program in Canada, Youth Flight Canada is working with Soaring Association of Canada clubs to provide current cadet pilots with the opportunity to have a free soaring mentoring flight in a high performance glider. 20 gift certificates for these flight will be awarded in Ontario for use at York Soaring Association. To apply, pilots must fill out an application form and have their CO email a reference nomination.

    Feel free to email me if you want an application form. Your squadron CO should also receive them in the next month. Individuals selected will be notified in May 2016

    Qualified applicants must be licensed Canadian Glider pilots who are full time students with an infectious enthusiasm for soaring. A supporting email recommendation from your squadron CO is required. Preference will be given to award gift certificates to the top nominated pilot from each squadron, however, more than one pilot may be nominated from each squadron.

    The gift certificate has a cash value of $150 and is non-transferable. Recipients will book a day to go to York Soaring where they will receive a pre-flight briefing with their mentor to discuss thermalling techniques, specifics of the aircraft they will be flying in, how to make an electronic recording of their flight using a flight logger provided by York, and York’s local procedures. The flight will take place during peak thermalling conditions and typically last between 30-60 minutes. After the flight they will have another briefing to discuss what they have learned and they will be shown how to access their flight recording on-line.

    Recipients will be emailed a link to soaring reference material, the twin Grob flight manual, and York Soaring Association Procedures. They must review this material prior to arriving at York for their soaring mentoring flight.

    Recipients can arrange to use their gift certificates any time between May and September. York will be hosting several 2 day bronze badge seminars for glider pilots in May and June and recipients are welcome to attend the seminar free of charge.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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    Apply using link

    There are still lots of gift certificates avaialble. If you are interested in applying you can use this link.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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