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    Air Summer Internship for Glider Pilot

    York Soaring in Ontario is looking for an intern for 2016. This person is usually a young glider pilot looking to do lots of flying while camped out for the summer. It's a good opportunity to earn a small amount of cash, do a huge amount of soaring and gain some valuable work experience and references.

    Email your resume to Patrick McMahon if you are interested: Patrick@paretoenergy.ca

    Primary Duties of the Intern:
    - Open the office daily by 0900h
    - Update the answering machine, check messages, return phone calls
    - Update flight operations section of message forum
    - Print member account balance / permission status for flight line
    - Record flight data accurately by end of day
    - Flight card data into the Flight Administration System (FAS)
    - Tow plane and glider journey logs with legible writing

    Office administration
    - Maintain daily cash sheets, issue receipts & reconcile transactions
    - Sign up new and returning members
    - Collect payments and signed release forms for intro flights
    - Issue pre-paid tow and flight tickets
    - Register group bookings (add to calendar, notify message forum)
    - Enter payments and charges into computer
    - Update member “permissions”
    - Keep office clean and tidy

    YSA point person
    - Become a bridge between older and younger members
    - Support and encourage all members to use FAS and message forum
    - Assist with YFC scholarship matters - contact Eva Dillon
    - Assist with Freedom’s Wings matters - contact John / Tracey Brake
    - Welcome visitors to the field
    - Share content to social media channels (Facebook, twitter)
    - Follow up with temporary members / maintain mailing lists

    Primary Duties of York Soaring:

    - Provide a positive, respectful work environment free of intimidation
    - Provide equipment required to fulfill the role
    - Empower the intern to manage their duties as they see fit


    $500 flying credit from York, $500 SAC bursary, $500 YFC scholarship

    $200/week stipend, Accommodations provided, 60% of intro video revenues

    Defined hours:

    Between 0900h and 1200h the intern is to be dedicated to their responsibilities. Once the operation is up and running, they may choose to:

    - fly for their personal development
    - upsell intro videos
    - stay ahead of paperwork by entering flight data
    - support the flight line
    - support the club by performing office administration duties

    With the exception of illness, the intern should be either in the air or around the flight line supporting the operation when there is flying activity.

    Ideal candidate:

    - Young person (17 - 25) with previous flying experience at York Soaring
    - Enthusiastic pilot looking to build time and experience
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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    sounds like a good summer opportunity, hopefully you can find someone! =)
    Air Cadet Collector
    Always looking for more people to trade with!

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