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    $22,000 available in civilian bursaries for licensed glider pilots in 2015

    There is currently $22,000 of civilian soaring bursary money available waiting for applicants.

    In Ontario, there is $15,000 available at the two largest gliding clubs: York Soaring and SOSA. Both clubs are open 7 days a week from Jun-Sept and have camping facilities so even if you live far away you could plan to attend and camp out for a week or two to make use of the bursaries. At York, 20 $500 bursaries are available that reduce the cost of each flight to $5. In addition, York has lowered their membership fee for recipients to only $50 so you could do about 10 flights for only $113! YFC also owns two twin grobs at York and the air time in those gliders is free of charge to bursary recipients. In exchange, you have to do 10-15 hours of volunteer work (cleaning washrooms, showers, and gliders).

    At SOSA, two $500 bursaries are available from YFC plus two $500 bursaries from the club. A single seat jantar owned by YFC is available for use by youth pilots. Recipients have to do 50 hours of chores to receive the money.

    At both clubs, SAC bursaries are given to the top applicants to increase the amounts awarded by $300-$500 per person. That means even more flying.

    The Soaring Association of Canada has $10,000 allocated annually for youth bursaries that can be used at any civilian gliding club in the country. Applications are due by June 1 and are made though the club.

    These bursaries are a great opportunity for cadet pilots and officers to develop advanced soaring skills, try higher performance gliders, and obtain FAI badges for hour long, 2 hour long, and 5 hour long flights. If you have lost your currency it is also a good way to get it back.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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    Late applications still being accepted

    Quote Originally Posted by Eva Dillon View Post
    Applications are due by June 1 and are made though the club.
    Although the first round of applications have been granted there are still bursaries left from both SAC and Youth Flight Canada so you can still apply. If you are getting your licence at an RGS this summer and want to use the bursary at the end of the summer you can apply now, do your volunteer time before you leave for the summer and claim your bursary when you have graduated.

    These bursaries are given out ever year so if you don't have time this year keep it in mind for future years.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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