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    Question Glider Pilot Scholarship 2014/15

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site and loving every bit of it.

    I just had a few questions about this years Glider Pilot Scholarship.

    I am applying this year and will be turning 16 this December. I was wondering what the boards looked at the most. Is it your school grades, your entrance exam mark, how well you do in the interview? I don't have the greatest school marks (I am averaging about a 68% in my core subjects unfortunately). How much will this affect my chances of receiving the scholarship? What were your marks when you got selected on the exam and in school? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I am glad to see that you are enjoying the website.

    As for your question pertaining to selection for GPS, Education counts for 20% of your final mark (out of 100). I will assume you are from Ontario, where School Courses are broken down differently than how other provinces may see it. Below is the breakdown overall:

    Attitude, motivation, knowledge, and interest in AC activities and extra curricular activities: /20

    Attitude, motivation, knowledge and interest toward subject matter is /15

    Education (school) /20
    Please note, that the 20 marks are based on average, and the type of courses you are taking.
    If a MAJORITY of them are University courses, that awards you 5 points, while College earns 4, Academic earns 3, Applied earns 2, and Workplace earns 1.

    The grade(year) you are in accounts for 4 of 20 points,
    Grade 8/9 or Year 1 - 1 point
    Grade 10 or Year 2 - 2 points
    Grade 11 or Year 3 - 3 points
    Grade 12+ or Year 4+ - 4 points

    Your average is based on a range.
    A+/ L4+/ 95%+ 11 points
    A+/L4+/90-94% 10 points
    A/ L4/ 85-89% 9 points
    A/L4/80-84% 8 points
    B/ L3/ 75-79% 7 points
    B/L3/70-74% 6 points
    C/ L2/ 65-69% 5 points
    C/L2/60-64% 4 points
    D/ L1/ 55-59% 3 points
    D/L1/50-54% 2 points
    Equal or Less than 49% 1 point

    General knowledge /5
    When they ask you about world events, that is 5% of your 'mark', which makes a difference when everyone is at 88/100 and you are at 89/100

    Dress and deportment /5
    How you look and physically act. Prepare you uniform well in advance for the interview. Try not to scratch (unless it is unbearable) or tap your feet.

    Self expression /5
    How you act. Your 'air' of confidence will help versus a bad attitude. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

    Qualifying exam /30
    I hope you studied and did well! If you got an 80%, that is 24/30 marks that you obtained. 3 marks = 10%

    With all the information that you have given, you already have obtained 12-13 out of a possible 20 points for education. As long as you do well in the other aspects, there should be no problem for you getting on course. If you truly want to achieve your goals, you will get it.

    Good Luck to you in your interview. Best tip is to look good, brush your teeth, and redirect questions or humour them if you are unsure how to answer a question.
    WO1 Collins
    856 Pickering Kinsmen RCAS
    Cadet Squadron Commander
    Power Pilot Scolarship 2015 - Diamond Flight Centre, London, ON powerwings

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