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    Post/Thread of the Day/Week

    I think it's high time we brought back this wonderful feature. Please feel free to nominate fantastic, clever or witty posts from your fellow users by sending me a PM.

    Our first post of the day actually comes from the Wardroom - While I wouldn't normally post this outside of the wardroom,I believe this user and his point warrants it.

    On the subject of CIC officers utilizing the approved 'veteran' plates:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pusser
    I have over 30 years Regular Force service, a few years in the Primary Reserve and I was a cadet. I have served on deployed operations and spent a fair bit of time at sea. I certainly qualify for veteran plates in every province in Canada. The main reason I don't have them has nothing to do with any sense of entitlement or eligibility. I don't have veteran plates for the same reason I don't have any kind of personalized plate: I don't want anything on my vehicle that makes it easier to identify it for any reason.

    Having said this, I have the utmost respect for the CIC and I firmly believe they should be commissioned. They have a job I don't want and so I'm quite pleased they are willing to do it. Being a cadet was an extremely important part of my teenage years. My biggest regrets are that I joined too late and left too soon (to join the Reserve). I could not have been a cadet and gotten so much out of the experience, had there not been CIL (as they were then) officers to run the program. Most were good, some were bad, some were very bad, but a few were fantastic. Are they veterans? The government, the Legion and some provincial vehicle licensing authorities seem to think so. Who am I to argue that? The bottom line is that they hold commissions as officers in the Canadian Armed Forces and with that comes all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of that office.

    Sylena Urbanoski
    Every person is in some way, my superior.- Emerson

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    I'm a huge fan of the level of discussion going on in this thread - as for me it epitomizes why CW is here - For open discussion at all levels of all subjects.


    Sylena Urbanoski
    Every person is in some way, my superior.- Emerson

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