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    Blackdown march-off music 2014

    Just a quick question. I would like to know what music was used for the marchoff (the first one played) at the 2014 blackdown final grad parade. Here is a link to an audio file filmed by my parents from the stands.


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    I can't listen to the file but I remember most of the songs played.

    The march on, March off is usually Scotland the Brave and the RC(Army)C March Past.

    The songs played during the inspection and before the parade began were Highland Cathedral and Can't Hold Us.

    I think I may have missed one.
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    There was too much cheering for me to pick out the first tune. The second is Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag. I will have to ask my son if he remembers, he was a snare drummer with the pipe band this past summer.
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    Thank you so much NATOBro! That was actually the song i was looking for!

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