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    Question BDC - ACSTC Valcartier

    Hey guys!
    Just got accepted to Basic Drill and Ceremonial - Air in ACSTC Valcartier. What should I expect? What do I bring? What is a normal day like in that camp? I am put on standby for Airport Operations and if (Hopefully!) somebody backs out, I will be taking that over BDC.

    FCpl (Sgt in a week and a bit!) Oakes

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    Congratulation on getting the course! I did the course in 2013 at Valcartier. Overall I had a great time and the course it was lots of fun! As it is a drill course bring lots of polish, and an iron (they have irons there but having your own is better than waiting to use one). Another thing if you don't speak french there is a major language barrier as it is a french training centre and when I went my flight was the only anglo flight in Valcartier (first anglo flight in 85 years in I may include). The food there isn't that bad actually but get used to eating the same thing for breakfast everyday. Also it is a tri service base so there will be a lot of army cadets and sea cadets there so you may want to familiarize your self with sea and army cadet ranks. A normal day typically consisted of drill, leadership classes, working on uniforms, and on the really hot days a water ballon fight so bring your swim trunks! We also went to a water park, the citadel in Quebec city, and on a hiking trip. It is a great course to do I hope you enjoy it. If you have any other question feel free to contact me.
    Warrant Officer Second Class Nicholas Hayes
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