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    I just got my acceptance to glider at CRGS.. Now what?

    So, my co gave me my course offer on friday, and i am happy to say that i have been accepted to partake in the glider pilot scholarship.

    That being said, after i submit my form back into my CO, what should i be expecting? i understand that there are checks i need to give for the OPC as well as the TC exam and licenses, what are the procedures for that? are is there anything i should be studying before course?

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    Congrats on getting in.

    You should be getting a precourse package from Trenton soon that indicates the items that you will need bring for the summer(e.g. cheques). In addition, there will be study material that you should learn before course as they will be tested on the first week.
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    If you really want to be proactive, contact your local Gliding Centre CO and ask if you could come out and help out with ground crew. You'll learn a lot. If the operations permit and if you work hard you might even get rewarded with a couple of flights.
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    Start familiarizing yourself, and reading the ACGP 242, Central Region Flying Orders, Pilot Information Files, and the CRGS Local Flying Orders. These can be found on the file repository.

    Central > Regional Cadet Air Operations > Flying Orders

    Try your hand at the Open and Closed book exams.

    Central > Regional Cadet Air Operations > APC Exams and Briefing
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