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    Article: Youth sailors seek financial support

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    I'm really happy you posted this. These are two boys that have put a tremendous effort into their sail training. I wish them the best of luck!
    SLt Michael Jarosz

    Pacific Region Sailing Race Team Coach
    South Vancouver Island Sail Center Head Instructor

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    Quick update on the boys. They are currently sitting in Vancouver Airport with their coach waiting for their flight to Florida. They will arrive at the regatta site with enough time to get 4-5 days of training at the site. First race is on Saturday.

    Once the regatta starts, I'll make sure to post results and any word we get from our boys.

    As we cheer on Canada at the Olympics, let's not forget to cheer on Canada at this competition. They aren't only representing Sail Canada, but also representing the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program.

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