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    Scholarships for glider pilots!

    Hey recent, soon to be, or other glider pilots under the age of 22! There are several bursaries still available for 2013 from Youth Flight Canada to allow you to expand your soaring experience in the civilian world of gliding. You could qualify for between $250-500 and use it towards attending the upcoming Advanced Soaring Cource at York Soaring starting Aug 17. This is a good way to build solo time in a 2-33 or try other higher performance gliders than the 2-33.

    For females of any age, there is also the WSPA (Women Soaring Pilots Association) that gives out $6K each year to women learning to fly, build solo time, attending their annual seminar (the 2014 seminar will be at York Soaring in Ontario), entering soaring competitions, getting instructor or tow pilot ratings etc. It costs $20 to join but I found out only 12 people applied to 9 scholarships this year so competition is thin.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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    2014 scholarships available for soaring

    For any females who didn't get accepted to a RGS that would like to get their gilder pilot license at a civilian club or for females who already have their license but are building time to become instructors etc. there are $750 scholarships available from the Women Soaring Pilots Association. Deadline May 15!

    For all youth glider pilots or pilot wannabes the Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) will match up to $500 for one youth per club to learn or continue to fly at their local SAC club. Deadline end of May and must be submitted by the club's CFI. Find the closest club near you.

    For glider pilots in Ontario or glider pilots that would like to come to Ontario to try soaring there are 20 $500 bursaries available from Youth Flight Canada to be used at York Soaring. Youth have come from as far as France to take advantage of this opportunity, don't miss out. First round application already complete but I am the treasurer for YFC and know that numerous bursaries are left and will be evaluated every two weeks.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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