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    DRAP, the CCO and Cadet-World

    Dear CW Members,

    As most of you are aware, the Canadian Cadet Program is currently participating in the federal government’s Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP). In accordance with that plan, the Cadet Program will face some changes.

    Any changes may be at the National level, the Regional level and/or the Local level. Very few people know exactly what those changes may be and when, if or how they will affect us.

    COATS members, League members, cadets and parents all have a true vested interest in the Cadet Program. We all have our own personal passions within the program, making decisions for our leaders extremely difficult and controversial to make. This situation often breeds contempt, but worst of all, rumours and half truths.

    Most recently, an email was distributed, only within 1 of 5 RCSUs, regarding Air Cadet Gliding Program (ACGP). This email states that gliding operations will cease effective September 2013. This may or may not mean the end to the ACGP……..we just don’t know and the email is clear that many of the most senior leaders in the Cadet Program are not sure either. We can’t speculate what the final impact may be, if there is any impact.

    I recently met Col Pratt, our DCdts & JCR. He is a former cadet, a former volunteer instructor, a former League and Sponsoring Committee member and a former parent of a cadet. He is not just another officer filling a desk. At present, he is perhaps the best person for this tough job. He truly cares about the cadets and loves the Cadet Program………and he is not just saying that.

    I ask that we all refrain from posting rumours and speculations. All they do is hurt the program. If any of you see anything official (email, official Facebook/web post), please forward it to one of the moderators. We shall confirm its authenticity and post any required announcement. CW values being a place for cadet related news, but we also want to ensure that it is the correct news.

    Robert W Gill

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    Further to this topic, this morning an email has been sent out from another RCSU, to reiterate that no decisions have been made yet. It went on to say that the RCSU COs and League Execs will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss options.

    Also, here at CW we have seen that there are petitions and Facebook pages out there urging people to email the Minister of National Defence on this matter. This is not the correct course of action. The MND is not the one making this decision, the decisions will be made by the Director Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers, in consultation with Regional CO's and Cadet League Executives. An email campaign to the MND is not a helpful course of action here. As well, any CF members and employees are reminded that participating in petitions that bypass a chain of command is against regulations. Cadets are not under the same policy, but are reminded that their best course of action is to follow their own chain of command, which starts within their own Cadet unit, via their Cadet unit Commanding Officer.

    The Canadian Cadet Organization, like all areas of the Canadian government, have been asked to find program cost savings, so there will be some changes as Mr. Gill indicated above. We encourage you all to resist the temptation to have spontaneous emotional reactions to speculation and rumours, and to wait for official announcements from D Cadets and/or RCSU CO's.

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    An official, sanctioned discussion thread has been created- Please feel free to discuss.

    Sylena Urbanoski
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