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    Cadet issued parka for everyday use

    I have seen a few people wear their issued parka/all-weather jacket at school or at public places. I was wondering if this is permitted. If yes with or without ranks?

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    Just like any other part of your uniform, it should not be worn without the remainder of your uniform (you wouldn't wear your wedge just for fun either).

    So no, unless I'm mistaken (which is always possible), you should not wear your parka without your uniform.
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    Don't do that. The only time you should wear the parka is with the rest of your uniform at an event where you are authorized to do so.

    Also, wearing just the parka makes you look like a fool.
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    The short answer is, no, the all-weather coat should not be worn while out of uniform.

    That being said, there is no other piece of issued kit that serves such a practical purpose or presents such potential for cost savings for families on a tight budget.

    Last year I gave one of my junior cadets a winter coat that I had outgrown after I had spoken to him at school about wearing his all-season coat. He told me that his parents couldn't afford a new coat for him and that's why he was wearing it.

    One only has to look around at any given time to see people wearing military surplus clothing. In circumstances where a cadet is wearing their cadet coat without their uniform, there may be an underlying situation that needs to be handled with care.

    "Should" we wear our coats without the rest of our uniform? No. Is there ever a time where it's "permissable"? Yes.

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    Of course, anyone who does wear it with civilian clothing should remove their rank insignia and the velcro elemental badge first.

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    Even the CF permits certain items of the uniform to be worn with civilian clothing provided there is nothing identifying it as CF clothing. While it might look a bit garrish to do so, I have no issues with cadets wearing their parkas provided there is nothing overtly identifying you as a cadet.

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    If memory serves, part of the message announcing the parka stated that the intention was that poorer cadets would be able to wear it with civvies, sans badges.

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    I'm pretty sure that was the entire point of issuing them with velcro elemental badges.
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