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    Citation for Military Valour

    I came across this page today and descided to share it. On a personal not, I was suprise to see a name of an old friend. I had lost contact with him but by chance I came across him some time ago but he never mention anything about what he had done. Congratulation to him! (and the other of course)


    Corporal Brian Bélanger, M.M.V.
    Montréal, Quebec
    Medal of Military Valour

    On April 13, 2011, Corporal Bélanger’s joint Canadian-Afghan patrol was ambushed in the Panjwayi district, resulting in an Afghan soldier being wounded. Exposing himself to enemy fire, Corporal Bélanger, the patrol’s medical technician, resolutely made his way to the wounded soldier and dragged him to cover. As bullets continued to ricochet around them, he administered first aid. Because of his professionalism and dedication, Corporal Bélanger saved the life of a fellow soldier.

    Captain Ashley Collette, M.M.V.
    Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
    Medal of Military Valour

    As a platoon commander from May to December 2010, Captain Collette demonstrated front line leadership that was critical to her soldiers’ success during intense combat in Afghanistan. Stationed in volatile Nakhonay, her platoon regularly faced the threat posed by improvised explosive devices, all while repelling numerous attacks on their base. Despite suffering casualties within the group, she kept her soldiers focused and battle-ready; her desire to succeed never wavered. Captain Collette’s fortitude under fire and performance in combat were critical to defeating the enemy and disrupting all insurgent attempts to reoccupy this key village.

    Specialist David Fletcher Graves, M.M.V. (United States Army)
    Wolfe City, Texas, United States of America
    Staff Sergeant Adam Hever, M.M.V. (United States Army)
    Peabody, Massachusetts, United States of America
    Medal of Military Valour

    On August 3, 2010, Specialist Graves and Staff Sergeant Hever, both of the 1st Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, and part of the Canadian-led Task Force Kandahar, were conducting a training exercise within Kandahar Airfield, when insurgents tried to force their way inside the compound. Unarmed and under fire, Specialist Graves and Staff Sergeant Hever secured weapons and moved to a position of cover in order to engage the enemy. Despite intense enemy action, they maintained their position and delivered accurate return fire. Their courage, decisiveness and soldiering ability neutralized the attack and enabled friendly forces to find safety.

    Specialist Graves will receive his insignia at a later date.

    Corporal Eric Monnin, M.M.V.
    Cornwall, Ontario
    Medal of Military Valour

    On July 9, 2010, two of Corporal Monnin’s fellow soldiers were wounded during a combat operation in Afghanistan. Under increasing enemy fire, he requested permission to move forward and then sprinted across the exposed terrain to reach their position. As bullets continued to fly, he rendered first aid, assisted with the wounded soldiers’ extraction, and rejoined his platoon for the remainder of the engagement. Whether rendering first aid under fire or engaging the enemy, Corporal Monnin saved the lives of his comrades through his courageous and selfless actions.

    Master Corporal Charles St-Pierre, M.M.V.
    Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick
    Medal of Military Valour

    From July 30 to August 2, 2010, Master Corporal St-Pierre displayed courage and composure while providing fire support coordination during a four-day combat operation in the Arghandab Valley of Kandahar, Afghanistan. Constantly under fire, he willingly and repeatedly exposed himself to attacks while identifying enemy positions and directing fire upon them. Despite being struck in the helmet by an enemy bullet, he never wavered from his responsibilities. Master Corporal St-Pierre’s courage and soldiering ability were critical to the success of the operation


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