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    Air Calling Females! Need some advice!

    So, I'm a really passionate ATC (Air Training Corps) Corporal in New Zealand. My unit is pretty strict on uniform. My school ball is coming up soon and I need a hand choosing the hair cut I want to get. I have long semi wavy hair, and it's quite thick. Not too tempted at this point to cut it all off and make it a short style but I could be convinced. I need to be able to bun it though. Are there any modern cool hair cuts anyone could suggest that they know can be turned up in a bun? Thank you so much. Cheers
    CPL Chelle Thomson
    No. 30 SQN ATC New Zealand
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    Ususally, as long as it's just a bit past the shoulders, and you don't mind gel, there's a huge variation that you can get. Short bangs are ok as well, with bobby pins.
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    I'd recommend you see your Adj and ask for a copy of the dress regs for your unit (because your unit commander may have varied the rules on haircuts for your unit parade nights and activities. Otherwise, you want Ch 14 of the PAM.) [Note: if you're going on a course anytime soon after this haircut, you'll need to meet the NZCF dress regs].

    The PAM states that "Hair is to be neatly styled and worn in such a manner that the hair is clear of the shoulders in normal posture", if that helps at all.
    If it ends up too short, make do with a lot of hairspray etc to keep it tidy until it grows back.

    Just a bit of advice, if you cut all your hair off, it will probably stay short (or get shorter). I cut my hair short about a month before I joined ATC, and over the last 7 years I've progressed from it being "kinda short" to getting a buzz-cut every 6 weeks. I've seen other female cadets cut it short and grow it out again, and it looks like a real pain when its at the messy not-quite-short but not-quite-long stage. Now I'm just too lazy to bother with trying, and I don't want to have to learn how to do my hair to dress regs having never done it before!
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    Thanks BarkingDingo and BlackPage. Dress regs in my unit are no unnatural hair colours and all hair must be neat and turned up in a tidy bun with bun net. Perhaps I'll just leave it relatively as is, cause I had to staff a basic shoot today, and its the first time my hair has remained in a plait all day.
    CPL Chelle Thomson
    No. 30 SQN ATC New Zealand
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    I've had short-ish hair cuts before. If I can get it into a small pony tail - I'm golden. My hair sounds very similar to yours. If I get a small ponytail - I cut of the end off of a sock and roll it into a donut like shape and then put it over the ponytail and spread the hair out over top of it and put an elastic around it and then a hair net.

    Does that make sense??? I might post pictures of me doing it - it makes a really nice bun once finished.

    This is only if this short hair cut is able to go into a ponytail of course. I've had layers before and had quite the time with hair gel and bobby pins. The trick is to not overdue it with the pins or else it looks bad.
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    I have hair about 3 or 4 centimeters from my shoulders, which goes into a bun okay.

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    I also have a pretty similar question, maybe you guys could help me out?
    Im wanting to cut my hair off, just below the chin (long ish bob length) and am wondering how painful it is to put back for parades?
    Now I usually French braid my hair for cadet nights(as its thin and the bun looks tiny) Im aging out soon, so I basically only need to wear it up for annual and for staff at blackdown.
    Any help or experience would be extremely appreciated! thanks!

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    It's a little long of a video and the sound isn't very good.. but it shows how to do the sock bun trick. For the short hair - it works great - the trick is to not use a really long sock (or cut more of the tip off) - so the donut is smaller and then the little bit of hair you can get into the ponytail will cover it. This works great for thin hair too to make the bun look more full.

    I'd say if you can't get your hair into a hairband at the nape of your neck - then it probably should be short enough to wear down. If you have a lot of layers - then hair gel and bobby pins may be very helpful. I don't normally say put your hair up wet because it's not healthy for your hair - but I use to do that for big events like ACR, it just helps me put it back easier.

    I don't use a comb to comb it out over the sock.. I just spread it with my hands. I also don't use the bobby pins to secure loose hair - I wrap it around the bun and then secure it with a hair net and then put on another hair band. Always get a good look at it in the mirror or have someone else look at it to make sure that the sock isn't showing. I've had both dark and light hair - I used a black sock for the dark and then a white one for the blonde just in case for some reason it would start to show.

    Just play with it and you will figure it out
    swasmgcs MS Lynn-Marie Quesnelle, RCN
    Canadian Space Operations Center - Space Watch Crew Chief

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    Thanks everyone for the help, but I should have specified, my hair is extremely thin, to thin and light in colour, I don't even have enough hair to cover a sock bun when I do the roll up method (when you pull your hair thru the sock and wrap it several times before it reaches your scalp) the sock always shows thru.

    Would there be any other options available?

    I am attending blackdown, so I will be in combats and a beret the whole time, and am not sure on what their hair expectations are. I am fairly good at braiding techniques... Maybe something else could be possible?

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