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    2012 ESC Canadian Junior Soaring Camp

    To All Glider Pilots!

    (PW-5 – Single Seat Fibreglass Glider)

    This is what the Canadian Junior Soaring Camp is all about!

    This is to all of those who obtained their glider wings or are currently taking on the course! I would like to bring interest to the 2nd Annual ESC Canadian Junior Soaring Camp hosted by the Canadian Junior Soaring Team and Edmonton Soaring Club. Come for a 10 Day Camp and Fly high performance gliders. Learn how to soar for hours, taught by some of the best glider pilots in North America. Check out the link below for more information and send your application TODAY!


    Where: Edmonton Soaring Club, Chipman Alberta

    When: Wednesday, August 22 2012-Friday, August 31 2012

    Who is Eligible: Licensed glider pilots under 26 years of age. Due to aircraft and instructor limitations, only the first 12 applicants will be accepted with priority given to first time applicants. As the camp develops over the spring and summer, there may be an opportunity to increase the attendee number.

    Accommodations: Bring a tent and stay on the field. Shower and kitchen facilities are provided in the clubhouse so that cooking is easy. Rides will be available into Edmonton, Chipman, Vegreville, or Lamont for groceries. Nearby Chipman also has a restaurant if rides are available from local members.

    Transportation: ESC’s volunteers will be available to pick attendees up from Edmonton if pilots come via bus or airline. Prior arrangements are required.

    Cost: Camp registration fee is $50 non-refundable. Tow fees are standard at $12/1000 feet. Glider rental fee is significantly reduced to $0.55/min. GST not included.

    Course Opportunities: The two L-23’s, the Puchacz, the L-33, the PW-5, and ASW-15 (only for experienced pilots) are available for rental. If the Perkoz is certified in time, it will also be available. Landouts are not uncommon at ESC and attendees may be needed to retrieve. Due to the Alberta climate, several pilots have flown well into Saskatchewan.

    Attendees will also have the opportunity to receive training in the following activities:

    1. High performance aircraft flying
    2. Emergency parachute procedures
    3. Advanced thermalling techniques in Alberta’s dry climate (thermals often up to 10 000 MSL)
    4. Land out procedures and decision making
    5. Soaring in dense airspace with several aircraft in the same thermal
    6. Cross-country soaring equipment, techniques, and options
    7. Composite glider construction methods, rigging, and derigging

    Questions and Comments:

    Please visit out website www.juniorsoaring.ca and www.edmontonsoaringclub.com

    Please contact Scott Holmes or Selena Boyle if you have any questions or comments.
    Scott Holmes: srholmes@ualberta.ca
    Selena Boyle: selboyle@hotmail.com
    Note: All applications must be received by August 17, 2012. Registration will be on a first-come, first serve basis.
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    I'm too old.
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    I was there last summer, great club. If you're looking to build time and advance as a glider pilot i'd highly recommend going I was able to build 7 hours over the course of the week.

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    Ontario Course

    For pilots in Ontario there is a similar course offered at York Soaring from Sunday August 26 to Monday Sept. 3. Information on the various camps are listed on the www.juniorsoaring.ca website.

    If you live too far away to travel to these clubs but there is a SAC club near you, I recommend you visit the club one day and talk to people. You will find most clubs are willing to assign you a mentor to achieve the same type of great soaring experience one on one.
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    2013 Advanced Soaring Camps

    Although DND funding has been cut for several advanced soaring camps, camps are still being run in Ontario (Aug 17) and Alberta (Aug 23) in 2013. Check out the junior soaring website for more details.
    Eva Dillon (retired 188 Cobra sqn)
    CRGS 1993 Power 1994

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