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    Placement of drum major badge - bugler, DM, music level

    First of I'm only a FCpl, so the WO in the CATO doesn't apply to me.

    I have a bugler badge and level three musician badge on my left hand. Under it I have my level 2 completion badge and have a fitness testing badge and marksmanship badge underneath the level badge. How should I put my drum major badge on?

    Thanks in advance
    OCdt Joshua Siu
    RMC St-Jean
    888 Avenger / 637 Arrow RCACS (Vancouver, BC) [2008-2013]
    //AATC Staff 2013//GPS 2012//Aircraft Maintenance 2011//
    //Service Band 2010//Music I-V 2009//

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    Your drum major badge will supersede your bugler qualification, so you'll have to remove the bugle badge and replace it with the DM badge. Your music level badge should be centered and immediately below the DM badge as it is under your bugler qual. The chevrons should be "in line" with your rank badge.
    2Lt Podkowka, Dylan
    Villeneuve Cadet Flying Site

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