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    Arrow Welcome to the Books, Music, Movies and More Forum

    This forum was created to have a specific place to talk about:

    - books you are reading

    - music you are listening to

    - movies you are watching on DVD or Blu-Ray

    - video games you are playing

    Feel free to use the handy Amazon Tags to embed an image and link to the item right into your post. Just look up the item on Amazon, grab the ASIN or ISBN-10 number, and stick it in the Amazon Tags.

    For those of you who are writers-at-heart, we have set up Thread Prefixes for:

    Book Review

    Music Review

    DVD Review

    Blu-Ray Review

    Video Game Review

    So if you read, watched or listened to or played something that you want to write a review for, you can do it here. If we like your review, we might even promote it to an article in the Front Pages entertainment section. So aspiring authors and music critics, this is your space!

    This forum is publicly viewable. It is not listed on the front forum listing but any threads that are linked under here will be visible to guests. So if you read a review that you like, feel free to click the Facebook Like button and share it with your friends!

    A reminder to make sure that all items discussed are audience-appropriate for our forum.

    So let's hear from you: what are you reading / watching / listening to / playing?

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