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    Army I want to JOIN Army Cadets!

    So you're interested in joining Army Cadets? It will certainly be one of the best decisions you ever make!

    Here are the very basics if you have come to Cadet-World looking for some information!



    Army Cadets in Canada is open to anyone who is 12 years old, but younger than 19. It is an expedition based programme where you'll have fun, face challenges, and make friends.

    From the Canadian National Cadet website:

    "The Royal Canadian Army Cadets appeal to teenagers craving exciting outdoor activities where their personal limits as individuals and team-members will be tested. The hardcore outdoor-oriented will love the challenge!

    Army cadets develop abilities in the use of map and compass, GPS technology, orienteering, first-aid, camping and survival skills, canoeing, abseiling, trekking, mountain biking, etc. As they get more experienced, some will be selected for parachuting, white-water rafting and glacier climbing. They will also learn to become outdoor leaders.

    Army Cadets get involved in ceremonial military events and citizenship activities that allow them to connect to their Canadian heritage. They develop a great sense of pride and discipline through their involvement in a hierarchical system that allows them to hone their leadership skills as they grow older and they learn to care for younger cadets.

    In addition to their specialty training, Army Cadets may become involved in other exciting activities like competitive Olympic-style marksmanship and biathlon, sports competitions, music training and competitions, cultural outings, volunteer community support, etc.

    Canada represents the best playground for teenagers interested in the outdoors. We are the organization of choice for teens and adults interested in getting out of the classroom to explore the planet the way it should be."

    Cadets in Canada are not members of the Canadian Forces (military) and there is no expectation for them to join at any time.

    Information on Joining: How to join us

    Find a Cadet Corps: Cadet Unit Directory This lists Sea, Army, and Air Cadets. Make sure the unit you find offers the programme YOU want!



    Several organizations operate "Army Cadets" or very similar organizations.

    The United States Army Cadet Corps

    Army Cadets in the US is open to anyone who is 11 (completed Grade 5) years old, but younger than 19.

    From the Army Cadet Corps website:

    " The development of body, mind, and spirit are the key elements of this program. These elements are stimulated through close order drill, precision military formations, physical fitness, martial arts, and the privilege of wearing an Army uniform. Skill areas include instruction in both basic military and high adventure training, such as Rappelling and Mountain Climbing; Map, Compass, and Land Navigation; Marksmanship and Weapons Safety; First Aid and Water Survival; and Scuba Diving. Instruction is given in both classroom and hands-on environments.

    Through a challenging, supportive and encouraging atmosphere, each Cadet has ample opportunity to develop through personal experience, an increased level of self-confidence, self-reliance, and personal and national pride.

    Our program develops leadership by recognizing excellence resulting in promotion in rank. This is reinforced with the values of integrity, loyalty, and moral courage. A Cadet's accomplishments are rewarded by both promotions and awards. Rank and awards worn on the uniform represent achievements for all to see.

    The U.S. Army Cadet Corps achieves its goals through military discipline, dedication, motivation, responsibility and accountability. We endeavor to prepare well-rounded patriots and leaders -- not warriors.

    Our program is not for everyone. It’s as simple as that…we have extremely high standards, expect more than most “volunteer” organizations would consider and fully subscribe to the concept of “one team” throughout the Corps.

    Army Cadet Corps website:

    Information on Joining: Cadet Information Request

    Young Marines

    Young Marines in the US is open to 8 year olds to Grade 12 students.

    From the Young Marine website:

    "The Young Marines is a youth education and service program
    for boys and girls, ages 8 through completion of high school.
    The Young Marines promotes the mental, moral, and physical
    development of its members. The program focuses on character
    building, leadership, and promotes a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
    The Young Marines is the focal point for the U.S. Marine Corps'
    youth Drug Demand Reduction efforts."

    Young Marine website:

    Find a Cadet Unit: Unit Locator

    California Cadet Corps

    As the name suggests this Cadet Corps is open to youth in California only. Most school aged youth are eligable to participate.

    Cadet Corps website: California Cadet Corps



    Army Cadet Force

    Army Cadets in the UK is open to anyone 12 years old and younger than 18 years 9 months.

    From the National Army Cadet website:

    "Our mission is to help people between the ages of 12 and 18 develop both personally and physically by providing a large range of fun, exciting, challenging and adventurous opportunities."

    Information on Joining: Request an Information Package

    Find a Detachment: Find your nearest detachment



    The Army Cadets is open for anyone aged between 12½ and 17 years.

    The Australian Army Cadets is a community-based, Defence-sponsored, youth development organization of some 15,000 Cadets and some 1000 Cadet Staff that provides adventurous, fulfilling and educational military-like activities for young people, in a military environment.
    It teaches young Australians the value of friendship, self-discipline, respect and spirit of adventure. It also instils the Army values of teamwork, initiative and moral courage.

    Find a Unit near you!

    Some more information on what we do!


    More information will be added overtime!


    Welcome to the adventure
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    Thanks a_ross for information on Australia's Army Cadets.

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