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    Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA
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    Calgary, Alberta Canada


    2509 Royal Canadian Signals Squadron

    Years of Service:
    16 January 2006-Present

    Cadet Resume:
    2007 - ACL Vernon ACSTC
    2008 - ACLI Drill and Ceremonial Vernon ACSTC
    2009 - NSCE Qualified

    There are already several members of this site that I knew from past experiences, those members include:

    SaulT and Tweed

    I came here to learn things I've never known before and to inform others of things they do not know of.
    Pain is temporary. Pride is eternal.

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    - name - Tonya Melendy

    - rank - Petty Officer 1st class

    - location - Corner Brook, Newfoundland

    - 184 Curling Sea Cadets

    - A brief Cadet / Military resume or other interesting details about yourself- been in cadets for 5 years, went to General Training 2005 , TG1 Music 2006 , TG2 Music 2007 , TG3 Music 2008 , and going for Admin Clerk 2009

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    Name- Stefanie Noordegraaf

    Rank- Leading Air Cadet

    Location- Chilliwack, BC, Canada

    Unit- 147 Airwolf Squadron

    I've been in Air Cadets for about 6 months, and I love it. (I joined when I was 14) I especially enjoy drill and range, and I got the "Air Rifle Most Improved" award this year. I am going to Alberthead CSTC, Victoria, BC, leaving in 13 days, I'm so excited!
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    Dylan LongprÚ
    - rank-
    Warrant Officer
    - location-
    Pembroke, ON
    - Cadet / Military unit or affiliation-
    2677 42 Field Artillery (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish) RCA RC(ARMY)CC

    - A brief Cadet / Military resume or other interesting details about yourself.-
    Joined in '05, won the Esprit-de-corps Award in '06, Legion Medal of Excellence in '07, Lord Strathcona in '08, Service Medal in '09 as well as my NSCE

    Went to Blackdown for Basic '05 (HOTEL), CL '06 (ECHO) CLI D&C {WOOT!} (ALPHA!) and i'm heading to the Rocky Mountain NACSTC on July 10th for Leadership & Challenge

    Plan on become a lawyer and joining the CIC's right after highschool.

    if ya have any questions feel free to ask
    Captain D.J.G. LongprÚ, Commanding Officer
    2677 42nd Field Regiment (L&R Scot), RCA
    Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Pembroke, Ontario
    Former C/CWO lsmrclcmearmycsm2

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    Name: Tracy Huynh

    Rank: CPO▓

    Location: Windsor, On

    Corps: 48 Agamemnon

    **Dear Chief Taylor, I believe your corps won the drill with arms competition this year. Congrats!**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mz.Tee▓ View Post
    Name: Tracy Huynh

    Rank: CPO▓

    Location: Windsor, On

    Corps: 48 Agamemnon

    **Dear Chief Taylor, I believe your corps won the drill with arms competition this year. Congrats!**

    Is that Mz.Tee▓ as is "mizz tees" or "mizz t-squared?"
    gliderwingsJ-P Johnson cd1
    Barrie Ontario
    The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

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    Sherwood Park, Alberta
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    Name- Brittany Low

    Rank- Po1

    Corps- 238 Campbelltown, Sherwood Park Alberta

    I joined Navy League when I was 9 years old, this is my 8th year of cadets (forth in sea), and I am going to HMCS Quadra this summer for TG3 music
    CI Low
    238 Campbeltown at heart
    Quadra Music Staff '10'11

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    Not so much "NEW" just Returning

    - name - Chris Watt

    - rank - Retired as SGT

    - location - Winnipeg, MB

    - Former 170 RCACS 98 - 2005

    - A brief Cadet / Military resume or other interesting details about yourself- Was in Cadets, Never really strived to achieve much in it, however as the years went by, it became more and more of a life saving organization for myself. That is why I want to get involved again. We shall leave it at that
    Chris Watt
    Former 170 RCACS
    Evolved out of fraud

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    fcplmessam is on a distinguished road
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    Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Cool All About Me

    My name is Alex Messam, and I am a Flight Corporal with #553 Sherlock Squadron in Davidson, Saskatchean, Canada. I have survived Basic (now General Training) and I leave for Penhold to go to Intro to Leadership on July 31.

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    Hi everyone,

    I was with 861 Silverfox Sqn in Abbotsford, BC from 1988-1994 and left as a WO1. I came back for a couple of years as a Civilian Instructor but haven't been involved in a while.

    Basic (Vernon-only summer they had air basic) '89
    Junior Leaders (Penhold, AB) '90
    Air Studies (Princeton) '91
    Senior Leaders (CFB Cold Lake, AB) '92
    Flying Scholarship (CFB Chilliwack, BC) '93
    Staff Cadet (CFB Chilliwack, BC) '94
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    Raylene Stewart

    Flight Corporal

    North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

    562 Cabot Squadron

    Years of Service:
    September 06 - Present

    Cadet Resume:
    2007 - Basic Training - GACSTC
    2008 - ITLC Training - GACSTC
    2009 - ITIC Training - GACSTC

    Sgt, Raylene Stewart
    562 Cabot
    All Gacstc - basic 2k7, ITLC 2k8, ITIC 2k9

    The world is yours

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    Josh Hitchon

    Flight Corporal (Due for Sgt)

    Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada moving to North Bay Ontario after camp

    517 Flight Grahm Squ

    Years of Service:
    Just about to start my four year on September

    Cadet Resume:
    2007 - Basic
    2009 - Acaida WOOT!

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    Please share your:

    - Abbott, Tamara

    - Sgt

    - Mission BC (521 Aurura)

    - I have been to 2 camps so far..ITLC (Albert Head-Canuck Flight, Second Intake) and ITIC (Penhold-Halifax Flight, First Intake).
    -Now a Lvl 5 and wanting to staff next year at Albert Head or Penhold!!

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    Hey all,
    - name
    J. Robertson
    - rank
    Cadet (equivalent to aircraftsman)
    - location
    Sydney, nsw, australia

    - Cadet / Military unit or affiliation
    322 Squadron Australian Air force Cadets
    J. robertson
    Australian Air Force Cadets

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    Niagara, Ontario

    -Cadet / Military unit or affiliation-

    -A brief Cadet / Military resume or other interesting details about yourself.-
    I was in Cadets from 1993-1999. Served as a PO2 when I retired.
    Iĺm currently a peace officer for a government service and looking to volunteer back to the organization that helped me guide me into what I am today. Looking for some input and advice on joining CIC and what the requirements are.

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    Deanna Disher

    - rank
    - location
    Letbridge,AB, canada
    - Cadet / Military unit or affiliation

    #11 lethbridge air cadets

    - A brief Cadet / Military resume or other interesting details about yourself. (But please, not a lengthy life story! )
    -top level 1 female cadet (in my yr)
    -top level 2 cadet
    -guard for flag party
    - on biathlon team
    -on the range team
    - on the sports team
    - i show up to everything!!!!

    - Basic third intake 08-PENHOLD
    -rifle coach 1st intake 09- PENHOLD
    I hope to get my pilot (power) and my gliders by time i am done cadets!!!
    Top Level 2 cadet
    Canadian Flag (ON Flag Party)
    F/CPL Disher
    #11 Lethbridge
    "Duo Prima"

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    Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
    Alan Eng


    Richmond Hill, Ontario

    -Cadet / Military unit or affiliation-
    778 Banshee Squadron

    -interesting details-
    -Qualified Drum Major
    -Went to Connaught this year and got Distinguished Marksman!
    WoII Alan Eng
    778 Banshee RCACS

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    yellowceitidh is on a distinguished road
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    Northampton, England / Bute, Scotland
    - name
    - rank
    - location
    Northampton, England although usually end up in Scotland for two months of the year.
    - Cadet / Military unit or affiliation
    Talevera Detachment, A Coy, LNR ACF, affiliated to the Royal Anglican Regiment.

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    Hey i'm Po2 Quinn Lessing and im from coquitlam BC. I go to 201 RCSCC Grilse and im a sailor

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    well CW you got me and here i am,

    name- Daniel Takacs

    Curren rankfrom previous yr.

    element- air (like no other)

    location(where could u find me)- #80 K-W Spitfire

    Interesting brief history---
    most improved 06=07
    best junior cadet 07=08
    ITAC 08 charlie flight
    SLC 2K9 mosquito flight

    great personality, funny, reliable senior cadet, unniform always at standard cato level,
    lots of self discipline and respect among peers and authority.
    yeah thats the very very very brief intro. about me.
    hope to get to chat with you, cya around.

    Sgt.D. Takacs

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