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    Question Looking for some music

    Hey all,
    I'm a sea girl transferred to air because there is no sea in my new hometown.
    I'm looking for some new music to give my new cadets. The Sqn that I am at has some, but it is so old that you can barely read. The Cadets have decided that they want to play music from every element for their ACR... So, if anyone has anything, please let me know.
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    First of all, you will LOVE air !
    I transferred from sea to !
    but not because there was no sea where I live, just for a change !
    CV Vanessa Dickson, MWO (Retired)
    If one person can inspire many, imagine what 7000 can do.

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    Welcome to air cadets, how may i help you?:P
    Are we talking pipe band or brass and reed?
    WO2 Martin J
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    Check your PM inbox.

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