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    peering in the window.

    Good Cadet Quotes

    hey i know that in the old cadetworld there was this thread and all but hey there always classics...

    Fsgt ____ on a glider famile with a volley ball up her sweater " Can pregant cadets fly" hehe tara

    Friday before annual "DO i need to wear my costume to the thing my mom is making sandwichs for" more sad

    "Cadet your poncho is not up to the standard you look like a human condom"

    Major tells the base "I don't have a girlfriend so you don't have a girlfriend"

    "Jeez cadets never do bad thing" <--- my slc line hehe

    So post those funny/ good quote prehaps not those classic rock paper rank ones cause we all know those umm wity
    rclcme SARAH BLUE (retired wo2 from 327) escaper of all possible blame

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    Stellarton, Nova Scotia
    ACL-E Coy-(Bush)

    Lt: Cadet! Blouse your combat's properly! You look like a farmer! We're Army Men! We kill cows..with tanks!

    CSM: Yeah! Cows! With..Tanks!
    Matthew Ward, WO, Ret'd

    I've been to the touchless times, out where the water’s drying,
    been past the ‘No Attractions Past This Point’ sign

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    "dying is bad"
    "dont get caught"
    "we're ___ minutes early, aaaaaaand the whatnot"
    "you, get away from me with that permanant marker!!!!! noooooo" *gets covered in permanant marker*
    Capt Sara Edmonds
    342 Bedford Lions RCACS

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    Quick, before he wakes up...

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    Dont eat yellow snow!!
    James Gallagher
    Canadian Forcescanada

    "To close with and destroy the enemy, by day or by night, regardless of season, weather or terrain."

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    "We need more Bananas"!!!- Kass

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    I was once told you cant teach an old dog new tricks. But thanks to CW, I'm now obese. NS, Canada
    "... In the North Atlantic Squadron!"

    hahaha good times... then there's always

    "... Taboo Taboo... " lolol
    Join The Army, Visit exotic places, meet strange people, then kill them.

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    Medic_Marleau is on a distinguished road Medic_Marleau's Avatar
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    Fredericton,NB/Summerside, PE, Canada eh!
    "You're either five minutes early or half an hour late"
    Former WOII Matt Marleau
    Third Year CE Student at UNBF
    The True UnCivil Engineer
    Unofficial Nuisance to Bourgaize
    Folding for team Air

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    PO: Don't look at me! I do not love you! I am not your mama! I will NOT tuck you in!!!

    They say I was a disciplined PO....
    Doug "The Dougler" Campbell scsm
    Lieutenant Commander (NL)
    Divisional Staff Officer - Jefferies Squadron (West)
    Man this place needs Slinkies.

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    During CL in E coy

    OCdt Duffy to the tent (specifically Gibb from 1913)

    So which of you decided that the moon should come out early tonight?
    And then there was Brzozowski lastyear at a CO's parade, he, was assisting me and the CSM in conducting a quick inspection of the coy before the big inspection...
    Brz to a cadet:
    Where is your tie (i think it was)? You forgot it? Did you forget to put on your underwear this morning when you went to school today too?
    Last edited by The Blue Tory; 8th April 2004 at 19:46.
    E. Goodwin

    uk scotland ireland - canada - philippines spain china

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    "can you do a touch and go in a glider"
    "can you buy WAC charts at ESSO?"
    "if you went sky diving through a cloud, would you drown?"
    "will they shut down the airports if the UV rating is too high?"
    "don't look at me... I don't love you"
    "sooo pwreeeety"
    Venter-"dewpoint 20 degrees, temperature 15 degrees" Bandits- "NO! WRONG!"
    It's... CA...
    2Lt CA Hancock 759 Falcon Sqn
    CLACSTC junkie...

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    NE SEXE PAS!!!
    I love that one...
    My alignment is Chaotic Awesome.
    avoid stupidity
    ~Are YOU in the Band?~

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    "You have to secure the fender sideways, it doesn't work like a condom!"

    "notice how the day after we saw that deer, that mess hall was serving venison?"

    Officer: "there is no frat in cadets. you aren't males or females, you are cadets."
    Course Cadet: "then why do we have separate barracks?"

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    Frat is only wrong when you get caught

    And from a Gunner PO...
    Frat is wrong. Its wrong. Its WRONG WRONG WRONG! Am I going to have to yell at you about frat?
    Me: No PO!
    Whats wrong with you, boy? Don't you like girls??

    Gotta love Gunners with a sense of humour....a rarity I know, but still...
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    Doug "The Dougler" Campbell scsm
    Lieutenant Commander (NL)
    Divisional Staff Officer - Jefferies Squadron (West)
    Man this place needs Slinkies.

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    Me to a cadet in my coy, and in my silver star class that I taught in 2001/2002, after he accidently made his boots blue by "using too much neutral"

    So, how long till the rest of your body joins your boots as a zoomie?

    A couple other NCOs wanted to know if and when your boots can take us gliding
    E. Goodwin

    uk scotland ireland - canada - philippines spain china

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    From Bandbabe118....."Sir, why are all you block Officers smile when you wake us up?"
    Me "Because it is our on pleasure of the job."

    Yes you did ask me that!!!
    James Gallagher
    Canadian Forcescanada

    "To close with and destroy the enemy, by day or by night, regardless of season, weather or terrain."

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    Cadet: PO, we have rights you know!
    Me: Exactly. You have the right to keep marching. Any more? No? Didn't think so.

    Yeah...thats another one I got called mean for....
    Doug "The Dougler" Campbell scsm
    Lieutenant Commander (NL)
    Divisional Staff Officer - Jefferies Squadron (West)
    Man this place needs Slinkies.

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    This is a well knowen one

    Anything can fly,if you throw it hard enough.
    Catherine Carter
    Former Cadet

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    JonathonNess is on a distinguished road JonathonNess's Avatar
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    Brantford, Ontario, Canada
    ME: Their is no "I" in Team, so give me 1 Cadence, and one Bang!
    Cadet: Then why are you standing their yelling at us Sgt?
    ME: Because I'm the Sgt, your the Cdt, Any Question?
    Cadet: Yah arnt you marching with us, like last weeks recruit grad Sgt?
    ME: Because that was a March Past this is a Drill Calss!
    Cadet: What's a Drill Class, and Whats a March Past
    ----------Thats a true story too-----------------------------------
    Officer: Cpl, you were supose to me with me 30mins ago, where were you?
    Cpl: I was not at the meeting Sir..
    Officer: You Forgot
    Cpl: I didn't forget, I jest ran out of words, no speach no meeting, Sir
    Officer: Thats not an excuse Cpl!
    Cpl: yes Col. it wount happen agian, not untill next summer anyways Sir
    OCdt Jonathon Ness
    Red Star Course Training Officer
    21 Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
    Royal Canadian Army Cadets

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    Me: "Why did you fall out of division? Do you have a doctors note?"
    Innocent Cadet: "no chief"
    Me: "Then fall back in and dont complain"
    "Those catwalks look like your trying to grow a potato field in them"
    "Don't look at me. Your not deserving enough to look at me."
    "Don't look at me. I do not love you"
    "You have FIVE seconds. Five, two, one, YOUR LATE!"
    Let's play rock paper rank, anyone? anyone at all?
    (Said with the precautionary, standard pause and a sharp finish): Squad, Shu .... up... haha only kiddin about this one, i said it once to a group of mature cadets though as a joke. They understand my humour
    Marek Holke
    CPO1 (Ret'd Cox'n) @ 139 Illustrious
    Peri Staff '03/'04 @ Ontario

    Post Cadet Life:
    I'm in Whitehorse now from Toronto. Working at the Aquatics Centre for the Canada Games in '07 and then Vancouver for the 2010 Games

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