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    The Cook is on a distinguished road The Cook's Avatar
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    still hiding in the kitchens
    In the process of changing it from seaforthfmj762 to The-Cook, saying i cook more than i shot nowadays and i ama diehard cook, lol...
    armycsmCI. Pat McIlveen(C/MWO ret.) ireland
    For me, the cooking life has been a long love affair, with moments both sublime and ridiculous - Anthony Bourdain (My unsung Hero)

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    Aub-z is on a distinguished road Aub-z's Avatar
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    Rodney, Ontario, Canada
    My old username was "StickChick349"
    I asked for it to be changed, because I'm switching corps this year....and I am most likely not playing drums anymore.
    Ex-PO2 Sergeant Robichaud, Aubry
    RCACC #2884 West Elgin, 2IC of 1 Troop
    Music TG1 -2nd Intake- HMCS Quadra'05 :: Music TG2 HMCS Quadra'06 :: Staff CSTC Blackdown '07
    RCSCC #349 for life<3

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    Changed my name from W.O. Cliché to Cliché
    CWO Cliché (Retired) RSM of 2833 4RCR RCACC Woodstock Ontario
    Coin 069

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    I changed my name from sisler_chick to JTCVC_Gunner.
    Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Anastasia Burtnick
    Royal Canadian Legion National Sea Cadet of the Year 2009

    Able Seaman -- HMCS Chippawa Naval Reserve

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    Lt(N) DesJardins is now DesJardins

    R. DesJardins cd
    Former: Cadet CPO1 - lsmnlcaerclcmescsm

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    ~Mandy~ is on a distinguished road ~Mandy~'s Avatar
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    Under My Bed, Sault, Ontario
    I've changed my name from Gunner4Life to ~Mandy~.
    Former Cadet Amanda Shackleton
    46 Royal Sovereign
    dGunz, Gananoque Division, 05d
    jSail, Saskatchewan Division, 06j
    Lead, follow or get out of my way!

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    822Blackraven to Steven Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarhead
    Jarhead to blok
    actually nm, ill keep "jarhead"


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    Hello everyone, my name is Dana, and I used to be a Scipio


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    My name is Kyle and I was formerly Kyle-The Goober-Burrows.

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    My past name was Chief Broughton. However due to cercumstances of aging out this year in March, that name is out of date. So I chose something a little more origonal and suitable. Its a good song too
    Some advice to anyone searching for a username should think it through, having a rank in its probibly not the best idea.
    Mid (NL) K. Broughton
    Executive Officer
    203# N.L.C.C. Erwin J.Stolk

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    Well, if you look up PO2 Dickie im there as well i forgot the password and so had a new one made which was PO1 Dickie then i was promoted to CPO and i had it changed to Chief Dickie. Dickie is a funny story, I was out on a OAT when i was an AC up from NL my first week in sea cadets, We were making leentoo's. Well i was trying to find sticks that were a fair size and i stepped into a bee invested area and was stung, so at the time PO Kerr
    first aided me and we became good friends. Well we were sitting at a gathering we were having out side of cadets and i was wearing Dickies pants, Well my name being Richard dick is a short form that i hate but she turned it into Dickie for the pants and me lol. So thats when DICKIE was created lol.
    ASLt(NL) Carpenter rclcmescsm
    Drill and Standards Officer
    #26 NLCC Admiral Landymore

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    I was HobbitOsadec and am now Skittles Osadec. In honour of my nickname at cadets.
    Canada...It's Better On Top canada
    Self-Proclaimed Genius
    ~*~*~*Bashin Bandsmen*~*~*~
    Nice cleats...wanna ruck?
    dA Militia - Forceful Company. The few. The proud. The awesome.

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    Bandweenie to Nerd.
    That is all.
    Amanda C. Brown
    Rest In Peace GK, LA, JM

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    GunitDrummer to lildrummaboi

    Snare Drummer Rcscc Admiral Mountbatten
    [/COLOR]Po2 Frank

    [COLOR="Yellow"]Tg1 Music-Montreal-2k6 HMCS OntarioTg2 Music-Moncton 2k8 HMCS Ontario

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    melissa2833 to M. Symons
    Melissa Symons
    2833 Oxford RC(Army)CC

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    jengillis_875 to Jenny
    Lieutenant J. Gillis

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    Voice of Defiance to Vie en Rose.
    Capt Medina, Vanessa
    Training Officer
    557 Lorne Scots (Brampton)

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    HMCS ACADIA GUNNER to Chiefy268
    NCdt Christopher Reevey of RCACC Kingston Peninsula and RCSCC OKANAGAN
    Supply Officer
    canada fest australia

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