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Glider Scholarship Help!

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This is my second attempt to apply for Glider, the first was last year- which was my first year of cadets and so I was t a severe disadvantage.
I've been fasted tracked, which means all the competition already has an advantage over me! I have not been with the Cadet program for long, which means I do not have many qualifications! But I do have a few external cadet achievements, although I'm not sure they are relevant!
I'm worried because I know aviation, but I don't know it in the depth everyone else does (I'm gonna binge read the FTGU until the day of the exam, any second I get, if only school didn't get in the way!)
This means I have to have the best damn interview and narrative they have ever seen! The chances are slim, but I'm pretty ambitious!
Anyone have any experiences, tips, or information which I would benefit from? What should I focus on, what should I include in my narrative, and what should I expect to be asked during the interview? On the other hand, ,what shouldn't I focus on, what is irrelevant and shouldn't be in my narrative and what not to do during the interview (these are pretty obvious, but anything that will take me by surprise?)
Thanks In advance!


  1. ana -
    ana's Avatar
    One more thing! What should I say I will do if I get the scholarship? Of course I want a career in aviation, but are there any other ways I could apply the license to everyday life?
  2. Chen Iz -
    Chen Iz's Avatar
    talk about your passion for aviation, and how you would benefit your squadron, like teaching other cadets and things like that
    and if the achievements show that you are a good learner, leader or anything such as that, put them on. Of course, it's up to you to decide which ones go on it.