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Sling is Making my Shot Worse!

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I've been a Distinguished Marksman for a while now, recently we were introduced to the sling. Despite its benefits, my groupings have been getting worse and worse ever since! Haven't shot a distinguished grouping in a while, why has the sling handicapped my accuracy? Maybe its just me slacking? Thanks in advance!


  1. Restigouche257 -
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    As a cadet I used to be on our rifle team, the sling if used properly helps stabilize the weapon, you have to watch your breathing and remember to squeeze the trigger, tighten your whole hand at the same time this will help reducing the chance of "pulling" the trigger. also try pointing your pointing finger down the stock of the weapon, like throwing a rock it's easier to hit what you want when you are pointing at it. Most important is the breathing, take a couple of breathes and let the third one half way out and squeeze the trigger. with this technique I used to shoot in the mid to high 80's with the lee-enfield open sight with a 22 barrel insert and in the mid 90's with the anschutz 22 sport. (out of 100). Also the sling should be positioned correctly, it should run down the inside of your fore-arm, around your elbow to the outside of your fore-arm crossing back across your wrist and running through the palm of your hand. I hope this helps you out.