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Summer Training Narrative help (Please)

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I'm an Air Cadet and applying to Advanced Aerospace course (AASC) and for registration, I need to submit a narrative. And I'm hoping cadets who have previously submitted a narrative if they can tell me how to properly start it. If someone can help me before December 12th, 2017. Thanks in advance.


  1. Robard -
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    I know this is incredibly late as tomorrow is the 12, but I'm a 2016 graduate from CASA, and have helped several of my course cadets with their narratives. I started mine with a quick introduction, a la "I'm Cdt. Bloggins, I've been a cadet for X years, here's why I like space." I then moved onto my involvement with cadets "I did drill team, marksmanship, effective speaking, etc, here's a story of how I perservered and became a better marksman." Then I moved onto extracurriculars outside of cadets "I volunteer with X group, I do this fun thing at school eg band, sports, I tutor, etc." One big thing is how it will help you make your Sqn a better place, "I plan to introduce more cadets to aerospace activities by bringing rocketry days to my Sqn, and hope that next year more cadets express interest in National courses." Then you can end it with something like "I believe I'm a strong candidate and I eagerly await the interview section of the application." Then finish with any formal and appropriate ending to a letter.

    I hope this helped, even though it's very late. Best of luck to you in your application. CASA was one of my favourite summers and really was a blast. If you have course specific questions feel free to PM me, I'll be more than happy to answer.