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Air Cadet Activities for NSE?

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So I transferred from air to army for my last year. I've been appointed RSM and have CWO boards in a few weeks. One thing that has been brought up with my gold stars is NSE. After doing a quick search I couldn't find an answer. Because army cadets start accumulating point for NSE in gold star, does anything I did in my Level 4 year (2015-16) and first year of Level 5 (2016-17) count towards NSE? Doing the math, if nothing counted from before, I'd have a measly 290 points, but if Levels 4-5 count, then I shoot up to 770 points. Qualifying for NSE would be nice, but because I have only 1 year with army, not getting it is not the end of the world unless it stops me from getting a Staff position at a CTC.