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New Cadet

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So i just joined sea cadets,(RCSCC) and i want to be promoted fast, any tips or advice?


  1. Robard -
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    The first few promotions will be based off of time in the program and the successful completion of a Phase. You only need 6 months service at each rank to have enough service time for promotion, but you also have to complete your Phase, which unless you joined late will take an entire year. Able Seamen, only requires 5 months and does not require the completion of Phase 1. More senior ranks require a review board, and the completion of a leadership evaluation. To start off, all the tips we can really give you is show up to your weekly training nights with a desire to learn and avoid causing problems; promotions are not guaranteed. Once you reach a point where promotions require more than showing up, hopefully you will have been taught the tools to be successful in leadership evaluations and interviews.