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Helpful tips and tricks for a novice marksman?

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Hello Cadet World!
I joined my squadron at the very last second, and decided to try out for the marksmanship team, just for fun. I know I hardly have a chance of getting in, I really just tried out because I want to learn how to shoot. The issue is, I have never held a rifle until this point! I was fast-tracked so I never learned a thing about the rifle! Because I joined so late, I missed 4 tryout sessions, so by this time everyone is already familiar with the rifle and their shots have been improving. Meanwhile, I didn't even know how to hold the damn thing! I was pretty embarrassing, out of the 2 relays I did not get a single grouping and didn't make a single hole in the target ...
Next week I have another practice, I have done some research (I watched this entire series) but do not feel prepared to humilate myself. Any tips?
OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION WHICH I WAS TOLD AFFECTS MY ACCURACY: I am horribly stressed, have poor vision (corrected with glasses), and may be a little bit caffeine dependent .... I know I should reduce these factors but my mind begins racing every time I get on that range...
Thanks in advance!


  1. Math_729 -
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    Are you aiming through both sights (Front and rear) at the same time? From my experience, when people are not hitting the target it is either they are not using their dominant eye, or not looking at the target through both sights. If your not sure which eye is your dominant eye, they explain it in the 7th video.

    You mentioned that you are stressed, this could definitely affect your scores, you should try to relax as much as possible. Have you asked for help from either senior cadets or your marksmanship instructor?