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Thinking of transferring

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After 5 years with my Sqn, I've grown tired of not much changing. Especially when I seem to be the only senior wanting change. Most cadets have lost interest in the program and only show up because their parents make them. I find this difficult as a cadet who's always loved the program. For any significant change in the atmosphere, it would take at least a few years. I came across a new unit, and they plan to open a new company in my area with about 50 kids interested in joining. It's an opportunity that would really allow me to give back to the program. The highest rank within the whole Corps in Sgt, and he belongs to a different company. I'd only make the jump to army for a year, and I know I'd have a bit of culture shock, but I've never been given real chances to give back. I have no idea what the process of transferring is, or how much of my training carries over, but I do know I'll finally be able to give back.


  1. Thundah -
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    I tried to transfer a few times but never had the heart to follow through. Always got talked out of it by my CO.

    Do what you feel is right.
  2. yohiyoyo -
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    You don't have very many years left in the program so if things are as you say, perhaps it would be a good decision to move. Especially if this new unit has hype surrounding it. As a passionate cadet myself that wants to make changes and improvements in my own squadron, I can say that not having the support of your peers on the changes you want to make will hold you back.

    Although I am not certain on the process of transferring unit, contact your CO to ask about it. In fact, talking to your CO about your complaints with the unit could very well bring around some of the changes you are looking for. So definitely do that.