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More Post-Cadet Life Stuff

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For those who've been kinda tagging along on my blogs, well I'm giving you an update.

Since the last blog, I've done SO much. I was accepted into McMaster University's music program (yay!) but was ultimatly rejected at both U of T and Brock (boo!). But I'm still doing ok for myself.

In regards to musical groups now, I'm still with the Burlington Teen Tour Band and have an exciting piece of news. In October, I was offered a contract to march Drum Corps International. Yes, since doing band and such with Cadets, I managed to get into DCI. For those who don't know what it is, it's essentially professional Marching Band but with Brass instruments (sorry Woodwinds). For those who march in Drum and Bugle Bands in Cadets, I'm playing Mellophone with my Corp. As a Saxophone primary and a Mellophone secondary, it's two different battles with tone, embouchure and other things. But I love it.

Why am I going on about this? It's because Cadets has given me the tools in order to get where I am. Whether it be punctuality, professionalism or other sorts of skills, Cadets really taught them to me. I'm very thankful that I got to spend 4 and a half years in the program. What you learn in Cadets, can take you to many great places. Whether it be flying planes, marching DCI, teaching, dedication or anything else you get from the program, it stays with you. Use your time in Cadets to learn, have fun and be a stronger member of your unit.

I hope everyone here has a fantastic Christmas and New Year and that you all go very far in what you want to do. My messages remain open to those who want help with ANYTHING in the program. I don't bite.

-F/Fsgt Chris Arsenault


  1. Cadpat Sailor -
    Cadpat Sailor's Avatar
    I've seen DCI on TV ,can you explain a bit more about it?
  2. OddIceman1997 -
    OddIceman1997's Avatar
    Hey! Sorry I haven't replied it's been so long! But DCI is basically competitive Marching Band, with a summer tour going from mid-June through mid-August. Basically like camp, but you're sleeping on coach buses and gym floors. Something happened and I wasn't able to go (sadness ensues) but I plan on auditioning for another group in the Fall!
  3. ML88 -
    ML88's Avatar
    Good to hear that all is going well!