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Questions About Mace Protocol/Etiquette

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I have recently been appointed Drum Major of 742 RCACS, and I want to do things properly. I have read through Ch. 14 of the 201 as well as the 202, and I still have certain questions. In addition to any faux-pas regarding handling the mace, I would greatly appreciate some answers to the following questions:

- If the Drum Major has to leave the Band (ie to receive an award or individually approach the dais), does one ground the mace, pass it off, carry it with oneself? I ask because I have seen all of these done, and would like to know which is correct.
- Other than solemn ceremonies (ie Remembrance Day), are there other times/circumstances when flourishing is discouraged?
- Our squadron band is fairly large: 50 mil band members and 5-10 pipes and drums members. Space limitations only allow us to go five files wide + BSM, meaning that there are usually at least 10 ranks. Shorter cadets at the back are unable to see the mace during certain commands (most of the new mace drill movements have drum taps as a cautionary and a visual mace signal as the executive). In this situation, is it acceptable to use the old mace commands (mace movement as cautionary, drum taps as executive) for safety reasons? I have seen bands where the front ranks stop moving while the rear ranks continue on, and it never ends well.

I would greatly appreciate any insight/advice from anyone more knowledgeable than I in this subject area.

Thank you,

Flight Sergeant Carson
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  1. Xc3287 -
    Xc3287's Avatar
    1 you bring the mace have it in the carry position and suilt with it

    2 there is not really time for spinning so do it whenever you think is right

    no you can nott uses the old commandes

  2. Xc3287 -
    Xc3287's Avatar
    and if you want you hoke band to get the command you can yell it you don't have to use the mace just be really loud