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Dude, Where's My Wedge?

The Adventures of Tagging

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I don't mind tagging but the amount of time any given cadet stands out there for is 4-8 hours and I'm pretty sure even the most prolific cadets start to goof off by half way.

Today was weird, first the automatic door breaks and never closes, so it's really cold in the space between the elements and the safe indoors. Then some guy decides to steal a TV so we all start giving the Walmart employee who chased the guy down a standing ovation. Then the fire alarm goes off when my AC lightly brushed it when leaning back for a moment.

The employee supervisor said it happens all the time.

Yet at the other doors where an AC and FSgt were standing nothing happened whatsoever.

Why would you steal something from Walmart.... That's like one step higher than robbing a thrift store....

The parent driver said he'll be looking for the TV in clearence tomorrow.

Please note that we were not goofing off at all....


  1. Thundah -
    Thundah's Avatar
    A lady assaulted a Walmart employee today....same doors as yesterday, I was standing in the same location as yesterday.