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This is where the road ends...for good.

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Hello CW, CPO2 (Ret.) Levis here with what is probably going to be my last blog posting ever on Cadet-World. I have officially Retired from the cadet program (both mentally and physically). After I did not get Cox'n because school got in the way of me being able to come to cadets (College life), I figured it would be only worth my time to just leave the corps (i was also getting tired of the politics and favoritism). My time as a Cadet had so many awesome adventures, I met so many awesome people and I was told I will still get my mug. The current Cox'n will do a splendid job, I know it, there is just no place left for oldies like me in the corps anymore. I can sense that my number has been called

The Levis officially over at R.C.S.C.C 319 Centurion

"Dont cry because its over, be glad that it happened" - Cadet Proverb


  1. Thundah -
    Thundah's Avatar
    Congratulations on a great cadet career and good luck for the future.

    Your choice was one that was made smartly, only you know when it's time to carry on.

  2. Joshua2597 -
    Joshua2597's Avatar
    Marcus the one person I've acutally ran into off this person at camp. And you noticed me.

    Id be sure to send you a text or a message in the next coming days. Anyways man good luck in collage
  3. S Urbanoski -
    S Urbanoski's Avatar
    There are definitive turning points in our lives whereby cadets falls to the wayside of regular outside lives. There is no right/wrong or inbetween. It simply, is. It brings you to a point where everything you learned within your time in the program serves a purpose in our lives and always will - But deciding to walk away is a strength, not a weakness. The cadet program may or may not have a place in your life from this point on - but I would encourage you to stick around for a while - share your experiences with the next generation, and don't be afraid to chime in once in a while.

    Best of luck on the next chapter.
  4. ML88 -
    ML88's Avatar
    I will gladly chime back on every once and a while...maybe in a bit the call will come for me to return into the CIC for sure..I will consider it in the coming years!
  5. Diesel -
    Diesel's Avatar
    There comes a time in all human endeavour when you know it's time to clear the datum. Congratulations on a successful cadet career and good luck with college and the future!