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how good of a drum majer are you

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hello im LS craggs for 132 repulse and i'm the drum major her if you no the new way for drum major please help thanks for you i no the turns and stuff and the mass to you chest and the holt that really it and i no the left quack march


  1. Thundah -
    Thundah's Avatar
    To commence the March (aka the step off), you grasp the mace, holding it horizontally at your chin level and then raise it. Hard to explain.

    Here's a manual, check page 23.

    Better yet, ask your band officer or a former drum major, I'm not entirely sure if this doc is up to date.

    Edit: oh you know how to do it, well here's a giant PDF anyway

    If you scroll to the bottom, there's visual references.
  2. S Urbanoski -
    S Urbanoski's Avatar
    Hi there,
    Congratulations on your appointment to Drum Major. That is an important role, and a lot of fun.

    You may get more answers and discussion if you post in the Music forum. It is where all of our best bandies hide.

    Good luck!
  3. CRAGGS -
    CRAGGS's Avatar
    well i start my training tonight monday november 24 2014 at 1800 hours
    and i will take to my band officer thank you for a little bit of help
  4. CRAGGS -
    CRAGGS's Avatar
    so i went i was tought how to play snare
    and they had me lead the band around the deck band