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FCpl Smith

Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace, Trenton Summer '14

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Long time no see CW. It's been almost a year. In that time, I've been through:
-Approx. 34 training nights
-2 Field Training Exercises
-1 Promotion
-1 Fitness Assessment
-1 Annual Ceremonial Review
-1 Remembrance Day service
-2 Gliding Sessions
-1 Change of Command
-3 March Break activities
-2 tagging sessions, 10 shifts in total

Anything else?
Oh yeah, how could I forget?

...1 Summer Camp acceptance

I got accepted to BATA at Trenton this summer, second intake. Anything to expect there?
One of my best former cadet friends (and, quite honestly, ex) took this course last year and she had a blast! I'm so excited! So lemme know any suggestions, concerns, comments etc. down below in the comments!
BONUS: Will I see anyone there?


  1. Thundah -
    Thundah's Avatar
    I was at Trenton last year....GT though.
    I wish I was at TACSTC this year....

    Hope you have a good time!