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ACR In 2 Weeks! And other stuff too!

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Geez, time flies by doesn't it? It's ACROSS in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! I'm excited but also sad that it's end of the year. I'm also waiting for camp stuff. I'm hoping for BDCC (Basic Drill and Ceremonial Course) even though I had to send 3 stupid letters into HQ because they thought I wasn't taking care of my diabetes. (I've had it for 5 years too, and I know how to take care of myself.) Now it's the waiting game..Anyways. Now back to ACR. This year, we have a 'full' kernel coming down to watch us (Yikes!) and also, Eastlink TV coming to record our whole ACR on TV. Geez! And not only that, I was chosen to command my Level's Performance for ACR (I'm Lv. 2) and I'm so excited!! I'm also doing our drill teams performance from Aurora Cup this year. I can't wait. I want it to be July so I can go to camp already! Don't you agree?
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  1. Thundah -
    Thundah's Avatar
    People are paranoid these days, IMO. I understand the concern for health and other complicated things about your condition but you managed to pass GT (I think, I remember you posting something about it) without getting very sick so, I don't see exactly why it's more of a hassle this time around.

    Oooh, good luck with annual, sounds awfully exciting!

    Also, it's colonel, not kernel. Unless the RO is popcorn. That would be epic.

    Hope you get on the course, I'm going to BDCC as well, I heard good things about it.
  2. 545Privateer -
    545Privateer's Avatar
    Thanks, and yea, I was on my iPad and I was typing and it auto-corrected my stuff. It was funny how ACR turned to ACROSS. And I also auto-corrected the other words. But yea, I'm hoping for luck!