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Seamanship Weekend 2013

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Hey CW it's ML88, been a while since the last posting. but i digress. This past weekend was seamanship weekend and it was great for the most part but the biggest problem I had was the fact that the Phase II's (Leading Seaman) from my corps were the worst behaved out of the entire 2 corps there that weekend the other corps cadets were very well behaved but it seemed like the majority of our cadets had totally forgot how to treat people with authority as well as instructors properly (i saw them pushing them around as well as them pushing me around), and I am getting FED UP with them. Any suggestions, cause they wont listen at all?


  1. Boatswain Kid -
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    Hey! That's always unfortunate to hear. Do your officers know about this? If not, make sure you bring it to their attention, since sometimes they may be too busy facilitating training activities to keep a close eye on junior cadets - that's what the NCOs usually do. The first time they act in an insubordinate manner to a PO/Chief, give them a warning - no need to yell, just speak in a firm voice that means business. Remind them that their POs/Chiefs (and the senior cadets from other corps as well, for that matter), are in their positions because they have worked hard and are trusted by the officers to supervise and lead younger cadets. Remind them that it is their responsibility as Leading Seaman to respect and follow the directions of senior cadets (as long as the orders are reasonable). If that doesn't work, bring the matter up your chain of command - whoever your supervising officer may be, can be told. From there, they will be able to handle the problem, whether it is a reprimand, a verbal warning, a written warning, or extra duties/discipline of some sort. Be sure to communicate with the officers as much as you can if problems arise - sometimes, cadets just don't want to listen