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Almost a senior!

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Can't believe it's already our ACR once again here at the corps. And hey! I'm getting promoted to PO2, or so I hope...

Well before I start going on about stuff that I've learned and such before I promoted tomorrow afternoon, I must say that this 3rd year of mine has been most eventful! Starting off with competing in our Alberta provincial regatta, being the drill team 2iC at a comp that we did quite well at, honour band shenanigans once more at 17 Wing in Winnipeg, a fun sports comp, being shoved into a leader spot at an FTX and plenty of other things that I'd list, but would take forever to...

And along similar lines, the official senior rank of PO2 . Can't deny the excitement but I've got a taste of it at a weekend we had. Definitely got a ton to learn before taking on more and more important roles, but that's something we pick up on with experience. No doubt I'll be balancing out having fun and getting stuff done somehow. I do feel the need to be a role model for those juniors, but no one wants to be scared away by odd seniors. Nor would enjoy absolutely boredom. Depending on when our DM leaves, I'll become Band DPO too... and the only guidance I've got is what I know, what I've been taught, what previous leaders have fun, and feedback. Wish me luck! (wouldn't doubt this is the exact same feeling for many others)

Anyways, I've got a uniform to perfect upon wakey wakey in 9 hours... A goals and whatnot blog will be delayed. And to those going out to the Q this summer, 'tis my first time being there, CW greetings await!
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  1. Grunt -
    Grunt's Avatar
    You'll miss the happy-go-lucky days of being a junior. LOL
  2. Joshua2597 -
    Joshua2597's Avatar
    Big change. When I was a P2 I had to stay in our Senior mess and not be with my friends that are Juniors