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It's a Cadet Thing!

Blc 2k12!!

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Hello there. How are you on this fine day?
No but seriously... OH MY GODD!!!! I got accepted for Basic Leadership at Blackdown. Is anyone else going to be there?


  1. clr4449 -
    clr4449's Avatar
    Excellent! Let me just say you have made an awesome choice to go to BLC, it is a really awesome course, and I had some of the best times of my cadet life at Blackdown.

    I have some tips on what to do at Delta Squadron to enjoy Blackdown life.

    1. Be sure you know how to properly blouse combat boots, it'll save you some time in the long run.

    2. Carrying on from that, make sure you know how to properly wear, maintain and dress in combats.

    3. Blackdown is built on nothing but sand. And the sand there is a fine, powdery substance, it will find every crack and opening in your tent, and will coat everything. So make sure you and your friends dust and clean the tent more than once a day.

    4. On course, you get to hold two parade positions within your flight for one day of the course (You get to hold flight commander and Flight 2IC, half a day for each), it is extremely fun, so make sure you enjoy every minute of that.

    5. Go to the canteen every now and then if your flight has earned free time at night. Make sure you bring a bit of money before you leave home so you can reward yourself with a bit of pop, chips, poutine or even a burger (yes burgers, Blackdown's canteen has a fry cook, so they have chicken strips, fries, burgers, everything, its fresh and its relatively inexpensive.

    6. Speaking of food, don't get the scrambled eggs, just don't.

    7. Make sure you have plenty of polish and a boot brush for your combat boots.

    8. If you can go to the canteen on the first night, buy boot blousers, your FSgt. will show you how to use them, you'll need to buy them at some point so do it as early as possible.

    9. Get up every morning at 0550 hrs. You'll be able to use the washrooms 1st, and it'll give you plenty of time to get into PTs.

    10. Don't shower in the mornings, you may want to, but Blackdown is cold in the early morning and through the night and hot in the day, you'll wind up being cold in the morning, shower during free time, mainly due to the fact you'll sweat a lot during the day.

    11. Use team work to clean your tent and make your bunks. You'll end up with sharp bunks and a clean tent faster.

    12. Designate one another jobs, but be democratic, it won't serve you or any of your flight mates well if one of you aren't playing nice with one another.


    14 At the same time keep the canteen full for inspection, the water MUST NOT slosh about within.

    15. Bring a blanket with you and sleep atop your perfectly made bed. This way, absolutely minimal alterations will need to be made in the morning to your beds, and you and your friends can be inspection ready within 10 minutes.

    16. GUARD YOUR TENT'S BENCH WITH YOUR LIFE... that one may need a bit of explanation, feel free to PM me if you want to know about that one.

    17. Don't interrupt, or annoy the padre during padre's hour. They usually have some cool stories and jokes to share with you guys and it's awesome talking to them, IMO. They wont yell at you, but your NCOs probably will.

    18. Be friendly with Echo Coy (their your biggest rivals as they are the army BLC coy), remember their there to learn and have fun same as you, but at the same time, make sure you all keep the squadron standards high, as Delta and Echo in particular compete to see who will fly their pennant on the flag pole at the far right corner of the parade square.

    I hope you have fun, use these tips if you wish, good luck, and have fun!
  2. Fox 2 -
    Fox 2's Avatar
    Ill add a few things to what FCpl Rosensweig said:

    -Make sure you dust EVERYWHERE in your tent! Your Flight Staff check seriously everywhere... Dust your door frames, the components of the door (behind the little plastic case), the tent walls, ect. And this isn't just for inspections, it also makes your tent a better place to live in.. Less dust to sneeze on!
    -Bring a lint roller with lots of extra rolls. You can obviously use this on your uniform, but also on your beds (there is this weird grass that blows in your tent and sticks to your fire blanket.. It's much easier to use a lint roller than your hands to get it off)
    -Don't be the kid that complains about PT.. It's really not that bad and it's beneficial for you. I'll quote on of my Flight Staff for this, "I'm not giving pushups because I don't like you guys, it's because I love you so much I want you to get jacked!"
    -I second the idea of guarding your bench... Call me crazy but they are almost as comfortable as your bed, and they are awesome to sleep on or study on when you don't want to ruin your bed
  3. porkinator177 -
    porkinator177's Avatar
    One more note about the dust, it helps if you can get a door mat, specifically if there's mud. Our staff were OK with it, but your results may vary. It only ever rained the day we graduated, but if you get tent 13 (If it's still at Delta squadron) the faucet makes a massive mud puddle in front of the door. BLC's a great course, and a ton of fun. Don't put all your money in the bank the first day (keep maybe 10 bucks) as you won't be able to access it until the first payday. As was said before, avoid the eggs, and I found it helps if you have a light breakfast (fruit, yogurt etc.) so you don't get cramps, but you're probably different. Anyways, enjoy the course and have fun!
  4. dan76937 -
    dan76937's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the awesome advice! And I've never eaten eegs in cadets after I had the omlette MRE..
  5. PilotInTraining -
    PilotInTraining's Avatar
    hey, not all eggs are bad. the fried eggs they make for breakfast are GREAT.
    Anyways, the door mat was a great idea, and make sure to bring a blanket.
    Also, dont be like me and forget to bring your swimming trunks to camp :P
    You guys this year will have it easier in terms of parades in comparison to last year, where we had the change of command parade.
    oh, and learn to make hospital corners early on, before you go to camp if possible.
    bring some cards because you will have a lot of spare time.
  6. Woods -
    Woods's Avatar
    Other people have recommended trying to get boot blousers the first night, but unless you are at the canteen very early, you might be in line all night and never get them.
  7. dan76937 -
    dan76937's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Woods
    Other people have recommended trying to get boot blousers the first night, but unless you are at the canteen very early, you might be in line all night and never get them.
    Can I bring my own or will they be confiscated?
  8. clr4449 -
    clr4449's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dan76937
    Can I bring my own or will they be confiscated?
    By all means, bring your own. It'll save you $2.50. Just as long as their standard blousers they'll be fine.
  9. dan76937 -
    dan76937's Avatar
    Okay, thanks everyone!
  10. Grunt -
    Grunt's Avatar
    Just don't try an elastic. It won't work and it'll just frustrate you when it breaks.
  11. Woods -
    Woods's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dan76937
    Can I bring my own or will they be confiscated?
    I strongly doubt that they would be confiscated. Even if they are not standard blousers, they are hidden under your pants and it should not matter.
  12. FutureParatrooper -
    FutureParatrooper's Avatar
    I'm going to Blackdown for Survival Instructor.