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My problem with ANAVETS...

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Everyone always thinks that if you get ANAVETS you are guaranteed a staff position and you will get Senior DPO of a division. This isn't even true! Some say "It is the most prestigious award a cadet can hold" it's not! It is the most prestigious award a cadet may receive at a summer training center... It is the second lowest medal a cadet can receive! Right above the service medal.. So when people try to compare and brag about ANAVETS, i don't know if I'm the only who gets annoyed, but for me, it's a pretty touchy subject.

I received the CDS Coin of Excellence myself, in my TG3 year at HMCS Ontario, and until now, I've never said anything about it.. It means you were good that year... But one could have totally destroyed his/her chances if they weren't very efficient at their home corps.

Little rant... Anyone agree? Disagree? Why/why not?


  1. chelseaallen -
    chelseaallen's Avatar
    and to add to my little rant- favoritism is a big reason why some people get awards... but there is nothing we can do about it..
    Then people brag about how awesome they were... gahh.
  2. Kamal7 -
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    When it comes to ANAVETS I'd say it all depends on the staff. Sometimes the staff are easy to suck up to or are favoring a cadet. But at other times it can be well deserved! But I've always thought that this is the most unfair medal given out because their is always at least ten cadets on each course that deserve it because they are all really good, so in the end its like picking a name out of a hat. Sure the medal looks cool but you can make your uniform look better with camp badges, pins and other stuff. The medal may look cool but it means nothing after you age out of cadets.
  3. Juice -
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    As far as I understand, the fact that one wins the ANAVETs medal only comes into play when it comes to being selected for the next year's summer training opportunities. It might be the deal breaker that gets someone their first choice over their second, at least when it comes to courses or staff cadet opportunities that require nothing more than an application.

    Sure, a lot can change in a year, and work-ups will determine that, but it absolutely should be a factor when it comes to whether or not you're selected as a staff cadet in the first place, along with the other usual stuff, including CO's recommendation, which will comment to their performance at home up to the point where the application is completed. There's a process to vetting applications, and everything is taken into account, including the ANAVETs medal should one hold one.

    When it comes to actual selections, having been a part of the selections of an ANAVETs award winner the past two summers, it's certainly not an easy choice. There are a lot of factors to be taken into account, and we are required to justify our decision not only within the requirements of the medal, but with substantiated paperwork (PC results, Div notes, etc). It's certainly not a matter of picking a name out of a hat. Trust me, there is always one or two cadets that stand out amongst the rest, and while there may be a number of deserving cadets, there will always be one that comes out on top when it comes down to it. The Devil's in the details.

    Just some food for thought from the other side of the fence

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  4. sam.shepherd2379 -
    sam.shepherd2379's Avatar
    The thing about ANAVET is that there are many different factors that the Officer's can't always see.
    Two of the biggests reasons that somebody undeserving may get it are:

    1. Their platoon staff are 'chit-happy', a.ka. they give out chits really easily. This can be a big disadvantage to an excellent cadet in a fellow platoon where the staff don't give out chits easily. I remember in CL I got over 20 blue chits, and in CLI I got one. It's all about the staff on that case.

    2. Staff and Officers only see the cadet when they're present. This is the one thing I wish I could change about ANAVET. I think at least 50% of it should come down to the votes of fellow cadets. It can be difficult in large companies and so they'll just vote for thier friend in their platoon, but if you introduce a rule like you have to vote for someone outside of your platoon, or you have to vote for one person from each platoon, it could go down well.

    My best friend worked hard all summer, and made friends with almost everyone, and everyone expected him to win ANAVET. However he lost to some kid from another flight who sucked up to his Sgt. for chits, and when staff weren't around did not display a professional attitude. I know this is just one extreme case, but it made me think about the situation.

    For all those who actually earned their ANAVet then congratulations and I hope you go places.
  5. dhillon -
    dhillon's Avatar
    The ANAVETs Cadet Medal of Merit most certainly is a prestigious award... as are all other medals awarded within the Canadian Cadet Movement. The part I DON'T agree with when it comes to awarding the medal is that EVERY Instructor level course gets 1 medal to award. When it comes down to it, 1 platoon of the Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor course relative to 4 platoons of the Drill and Ceremonial Instructor makes for an uneven distribution of the medal.

    If there is any change of criteria, I feel that 1 medal should be awarded to the Top Cadet(s) of each course with every course receiving 1 medal per 50 Cadets on course. (ie. 0-49 Cadets = 1 medal. 50-99 = 2 medals. 100+ = 3 medals). This would even up the criteria a little bit IMO and although some feel it would "take the value away" from the award, I feel that it would help recognize more deserving Cadets with a slightly more equitable distribution. Just my $0.02 though.
  6. chelseaallen -
    chelseaallen's Avatar
    Thank you all for your imput!
  7. Reecepiece -
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    I completly agree with you on this subject. I got the ANAVETS this year at ARMIC at PACSTC and I deserved it, my Squadron Commander held a vote for the most deserving cadet for the ANAVETS within the squadron as well I had to do a board interview. With that being said it is a difficult medal to get. But it is NOT the most prestigious medal in the cadet program. Perhaps the cadet medal of bravery. Or the QDJM becasue it can actually be worn on the left side of your chest. And it certainly doesnt get you every staff position in the book. At PACSTC thier was a Sgt, FSgt, and WO2 with ANAVETS as staff. It was spred across the board.