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It's a Cadet Thing!

Summer Camp...

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When do we find out if we got accepted for summer camp?? Last year I knew in December/January time.

What choices for summer camps has everyone selected anyway?
My three choices are:
1. Basic Leadership
2. Basic Aviation
3. Basic Survival

Seeya later alligatorrrr!!!


  1. Wlodar.Alex -
    Wlodar.Alex's Avatar
    You got told that early? I didn't even apply for a course until February last year. This year as well, for that matter.

    I guess it varies on a lot of things. For example, I was told I made Basic Marksman around April last year.
  2. Teh_Jackson -
    Teh_Jackson's Avatar
    Don't worry if you havn't heard and others have. Not only do different regions have a different timeframe for each CSTC, but they do the offers in waves.

    Wave 1 out, offers given to 30 cadets (for example)

    Wave 1 returns, 20 accept, 10 decline their offers.

    Wave 2 goes out, those 10 spots that were turned down get sent back out again, along with 30 more.

    and it goes on like that.

    Trust in your staff, you'll know when they know.
  3. dan76937 -
    dan76937's Avatar
    Hahaha I guess I'm just getting impatient! I actually can't wait for summer camp though!!