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The Good Life, The Cadet Life!

New ranks, new posisions

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Well, its been a while since i posted anything new! This is mainly because of the increase in school work for me! XD I would like to congratulate my brother Joshua Dennis, on his new promotion to Warrant Officer 1st Class! He has worked hard ofr the rank, and i know he will be a fine WO1!Our sqd went gliding two weekedns ago, and our new lvl 1's had a great time! We also had the chance to power flying, thanks to our pilot, Cpt Beaton. S, our CO! Thank you ma'am for such a great flight! And thank you to Fsgt Dalton, and Fsgt Smith, for their great glider flights and co-operation! Also our yearly clean up of the Fairview Legion Branch 142, located in Halifax Nova Scotia, has our Legion sponser looking really clean for this upcoming remeberence day events! Thanks to all cadets that attended! You worked really hard! I would also like to


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    I hit eneter by mistake! sorry for that! XD anyway! I would like to congratulate the following people on their new possisions in the Sqd! Fst Holly Smith is now the Sqd Deputy Commander! Sgt Jermmy Cliff is our Color/ Flag party Commander! Fsgt Reily Fitzpatrick is still our B flight (Vampire) commander, congrats anyway you tried hard! Sgt Adda Davies is our new A flight (Phantom) Commander! Fsgt Patrick Dalton is our new adjunctant NCM Officer! WO1 Joshua Dennis (my brother) is our Sqd Commander, and your truley is still the Sqd Warrant Officer! I dont mind though! I love my job! Also congratulations to 2nd Lt Slaucher for his new Commision into the CIC and the CF! Thats all for now! more to came latter! have a great rest of your week, and remeber to wear yor poppies "... Lest We Forget....)