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Departure Edmonton - Arrival Banff

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16 August 2008 00 hrs

Departed Edmonton this morning at 0800 and me and my mom drove down to Red Deer. Arrived shortly after 11 and was quickly on the bus, but not before the sad goodbye's to my Mom and caught the bus for Calgary. I knew this was going to be a long bus ride so I pulled out the trusty iPod/Headphones and put on the sweet sounds of the Canadian Brass. Once I got all setup I hunkered down for a nice nap. Awoke just outside of Airdrie. Once into Calgary I was surprised at everything around me. (Last time I was in Calgary it was 0100 hrs and you couldn't see much) But it was exhilarating to see the Calgary Tower and see the city as it should be. Arrived in the bus terminal, wondering why I didn't fly, and started looking for my luggage. Well turns out they put in on the local stops bus and it was going to be another 45 minutes before it arrived . Well the Banff bus I was supposed to catch was leaving in ten. So I went up to the front desk and they told me that 2 buses would be heading out through Banff in the next hour and they would put my luggage on the second and wait at the station out there. So I boarded the bus for Banff, after standing inline behind a few cadets coming home from PACSTC that didn't really have any respect for the program (kind of disappointing). Finally the bus loaded and we were off. Once again I got out the iPod and went right to sleep. Woke up just past Canmore (I have good timing), and started packing my backpack getting ready to get off. Once we got to Banff I was once again in awe of my surroundings. The beautiful scenery around and fresh mountain air gave me a whole new look at life. Well got off the bus and had a seat at the station to wait for my luggage to arrive. Not even 10 minutes later the bus came rolling up and the driver started to unload everything. As he started to close the compartments I went up and asked "Hey do you have my black hockey bag in there?" at the same time an Australian lady came up looking for her luggage (guess I wasn't the only one with a problem with Greyhound that day). So the driver frantically digging for our bags. He finally found them in the middle at the very bottom of all the other stuff. So I was finally of to go to my new place and job. I grabbed the first taxi I could find and he knew everything about Banff and he even knew where I worked, and I only told him the address of the house, so as we're driving along he's giving me the full write up about Banff and all the stuff there is. We finally got there and the Cab ride was cheap, boy was I happy! Get out took a look around and out of no where this stout lady comes out and introduces herself as "The one you don't want to mess with!" Her name is Michelle and she is the one in charge of the housing for the Buffalo Mountain Lodge. She takes me in gives me the ten cent tour and shows me to my room. Finally I can get some sleep. I don't work tomorrow so I can take a look around then.