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Movement orders

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Is it normal not to get your movement orders a week before you leave for camp. I am sopose to leave next weekend and I still havent got my movement orders


  1. DrillGOD822 -
    DrillGOD822's Avatar
    Yup, it's quite normal. Because a lot of cadets go to camp, movement orders take awhile. Don't worry about it; worry only when you have 2 days left until you leave and your CO hasn't sent you anything. Worst case scenario is if you don't get them at all, talk to a friend who's going to the same camp as you and he/she should tell you some basic info. Good luck
  2. aircadets123 -
    aircadets123's Avatar
    Theres only 1 problem with that I am the only one going to this camp from my squadron.
  3. DrillGOD822 -
    DrillGOD822's Avatar
    Just wait for the call. If not, send an e-mail to one of your seniors or your best option would be to talk with your CO ASAP. It is possible that they give out the more "high priority" courses the Movement Orders first because those have a higher priority in getting the course started. Try that.
  4. aircadets123 -
    aircadets123's Avatar
    Ok thank you.